The reincarnated

The long aged question over the case of reincarnation and rebirths has always been confined to the realms beyond the one that really matters. Are we not all creatures either trapped or pushing through in the land of the living. And yet our fascination lies beyond.

A very small gesture made me wonder about the chilling pragmatism behind the thought of reincarnation.

To understand the nature of reincarnation, one should first start by understanding the nature of both life and it’s grand conclusion, the big D. We choose to believe that we are born once and die just once in a given lifetime. That’s a fair understanding. The span is measured by the years clocked. A passage of time reveals the quality of the time well spent.

Here is the premise to a thought. Life or death as we know it, just happens to be a continuous process rather than discrete one off events marked by two distinct calendar dates. How can one even dare calling these events as a continuous process rather than the one off that these really are? By looking closely at the definitions of what each of the words mean, I think we can take a leap in a newer direction.

There are folks who are dead to me. I deny their existence. I do not acknowledge them. Such a cold indifference robs them of their existential identity. In short, even a living breathing bruising person is no more different than the other state. Haven’t we been in that spot. The years that we have clocked, we come across an ocean of people walking in and out of our lives. Some are cherished and kept alive through our memories. Some are buried dead to never surface in our thoughts. The deeper they stay buried, the lesser they resurface in our thoughts. The chosen few vanish even from our sub conscious trail.

The digital age is a wonderful proof of such a living. We add a lot, block a lot, ignore a lot. We learn to tolerate many folks and we learn to keep away from a healthy lot too. The digital age is one where there are births and deaths everyday. Memories are formed and memories get buried. It’s now a way of life.

Keeping this context, think about reincarnation. I’ve ‘Deleted’ more people than I can remember. I’ve added them again. The cycle of adding and deleting goes on. Is this any different from the certain said reincarnation? A return welcome, does it not start from scratch, the trail of the past catches up soon. There is a healing process and we also have the fair opportunity to not learn anything from the cycle of births.

This free will to learn or unlearn or continue in the path of an ignorant bliss is no different from the lessons of a soul theory. The theory of a soul is very much along the lines of what one’s soul would have to go through in order to complete itself. The digital age does that to us everyday. We are psychologically being groomed to handle gains and losses. We endure, we suffer, we celebrate.

Its funny how a flawed memory helps me see patterns that otherwise go unnoticed. I remember the moments, I remember the words, I remember the weather and the sights and sounds that surrounded me. I just don’t remember the 10 digits of our digital avatar that gives us an identity. Left unturned in a decrepit corner of bytes of available memory space of the phone that I call smart, rested the last remnant of a trail of words. I relived the moment. I gave the digits a name. I gave it an identity. I resurrected the dead. For a brief moment, I was Doctor Victor Frankenstein. I had given life to the inanimate. t’was alive a moment.

I smiled at my silliness and pondered over the frailty of a life, a digital life
. What I gave , I took it back in a jiffy. The dead stayed dead. Buried again. Mourning and staying forgotten were waiting to recur.

The thoughts made me wonder about the whole case of reincarnation. It happens everyday and yet we fixate on things that are beyond reason and deny the existence of a phenomenon that is as real as sun’s warmth. I smiled over the hypocrisy of our belief system.



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