Who let the cats out

“Reality when stated, ceases to be a reality any longer” – Katz

What a trippy statement to being a Friday huh!  I decided to crawl the alleys of wiki to understand about the feline which has caught a quite a few tongues in its lifetime.

Schrodinger’s cat is a thought experiment. It challenges the superposition of states. I think that translates to the fact that at any given point, there are multiple choices and options that are waiting to be made. The outcome of the event, of course depends on what is done.

The experiment deals with placing a cat in a rather hazardous environment and then sadistically and still cynically declaring that at any given moment, the cat is both alive and dead.

This is definitely my dumbed down interpretation of the thought experiment. Cophenhagen interpretation is deemed to be the closest one that catches the crux of the experiment. And it goes something like this . “A system stops being a superposition of states and becomes either one or the other when an observation takes place “. I pulled that one out from Wiki.

Whats really interesting about this? There is a certain Kat, who is writing about another cat. We are talking about a dead dude who coined the phrase, cat in the box. What is the big deal about it?

The interpretation caught my fancy. It simply articulates that when an observation takes place, the superposition of states (Superposition is the ability to exist as multiple states. I think its a seamless existence that transcends the boundaries and limitation of different states) goes for a toss!!!!!!!!

Historically, none of these would have made any sense to me. There is a change in the horizon and as I evolve, my understanding of things around me also does evolve.

Much of the motivational messages that we get, a whole lot of philosophies and spirituality theories often talk about committing to a moment. The present to be precise. They all talk about how we can make our tomorrow a better place. They all invest efforts into powerful words that give us a push to change our inertia. All that is fine. Here is where things start getting trippy.

Lets go back to the interpretation. It says that superposition ceases the moment an observer observes the event. Lets talk about reality. I did start this blog on a note about reality. What is reality after all? Many a times, our reality is a sum total observation of all the things that surround us and are happening around us. They can be good bunch of things. Happy thoughts and events. They can be sad and promote negative thoughts in our head. OR they can be totally lousy events which crush us.

Either way we see it , call it. The minute we add an adjective to it. The minute we define the parameters around an event. It becomes an observation. Its an observation based on our experiences, our interpretation which passes through our refined filters of bias. The minute there is an adjective to it, the event’s ability to exist as multiple states ceases.

How does this come into the picture? I had a very brief conversation with Anya last evening. We were talking about the nature of how reputation works. There are folks who like the way I work and totally endorse my approach towards problem solving. There are folks who hate the way I work. These folks do tend to disapprove my working style. Multiple states. What is real? What is me? Who am i really? Am I a good manager or Am I really the wrong guy in the right place and the role?

Once again, the magic of observation kicks in. I am what i am, as observed by people around me. Brilliant philosophy too. We are what we are. Then again, are we really what we claim because there is someone to validate it. Validation could either be approval or disapproval. Hence, the flawed definition of what it is to be us.

We are what we are, irrespective of how we see ourselves or how others view us. We make our choices. People and also ourselves, we witness how we choose and act. We get measured (fancy word for Judged) against this yard stick. Thats the way of the world.

Back to reality. As long as we dont poke around it, dont call it out, it is what it is. In terms of repercussions of that statement, I choose to think that whatever happens, happens. We either tend to make it better or make it worse because of how we choose to see it.

I started this morning on a note that I’m not worthy. I indulged in that thought for 15 minutes. I hit the gym. The sweat made me feel otherwise. I concluded that I am what i am and i’m a work in progress. Time would help me get better at being myself. And then the irony hit me. Both my trepidation and optimism, are they really real?

Imagine that. So much misery, so much pain, so many doubts… considering that they are all based on a momentary observation of an event unfolding itself. They are all real, because we make it real. they are all unreal, because they are.

What a cat day huh!!!!



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