A Cinderella story

And so Cinderella was destined to her fate. All the fairy godmothers and all their magic wands could really not weave their magic on. Her slippers were glass, so was her heart. Both shattered and broken.

Cindy had a hard life. Or as the right way to say it, Cindy had a tough life. Step mother and step sisters. Her step mom was never shy when it came to treating Cindy like dirt. Cindy yearned for a simple life of simple satisfaction. Clean clothes, a family of love, fewer chores to do, warm food. She really wanted a life of an acknowledgement that her miserable existence mattered. Her longing ever so remained elusive.

Cindy’s step sisters made her life miserable too. They had the luxury to dress pretty, lead a life without any hardship, they could enjoy the little creature comforts of life. They would remind Cindy about how dirty she looked and would assure her that her life would never amount to anything much. They said that it was in her destiny to be the child that even the good lord gave up on.

Cindy’s days were spent in sweat and nights were spent on tears. Every night she’d pray for an escape. Her prayers were neither uttered nor answered.

Her fairy godmother observed her from a distance. She felt so touched by Cindy’s miserable plight. She wanted to help her goddaughter. She appeared in front of her and promised her a night and a life that Cindy had always desired. With a quick swish of her wand, Cindy was transformed into a princess in blue. she had glass shoes that glistened. She looked stunning.

Keep a watch for the hands of the clock darling, the fairy said. The stroke of 12 the real would come true.

Cindy was far too excited to mull over the fairy’s words. It didn’t mean much to her.

The prince was in town and a ball was announced. Cindy wanted to head there and try her luck. Of all the days, today was her lucky day. She had a shot at a fair life. She made it to the ball.

The prince was bedazzled by Cindy. He parted the mob that had gathered around him and he made his way to his fair maiden. They sneaked their way to the garden for some peace and quiet. Young hearts had a lot to talk.

The prince complimented Cindy about her stunning beauty. He said she looked awesome in her blue. He said she was the fairest of them all, she looked pristine and flawless.

The spoke a while and the prince parted politely. The night came to a close. at 12, Cindy was in rags again. All the fairy godmothers and all their magic wands could really not weave their magic on. Her slippers were glass, so was her heart. Both shattered and broken.

So when the prince saw the beauty in Cindy, the way she looked and the way he saw her. Cindy couldn’t distance herself from what she saw in herself. All dressed up pretty and nice, to her eyes, she was still a rat in rags. Not once, could she bring herself to come to terms with the promises that her future could hold. She was still the lonely child, a child that even the lord had decided to give up on.

The fairy godmother’s last words were not a curse, it was not a warning either. It was a suggestion. She said at 12, Cindy could choose to be what ever she wanted to be. Isn’t reality what we work towards and create ? All the magic in the world, all the luck in the world, Cindy could never see herself change. She couldn’t choose herself change.




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