Not on my watch

Not on my watch, do you hear me?”, he said in desperation.

**** ****** ***

Aditya Vishal and Jiya Dhwani were ordinary people stuck in an extraordinary world. If there was anything notably special about them, it was the fact that both shared an existence of two names. Aditya and Vishal. Jiya and Dhwani. Two names would go on to signify two lifetimes.

Their first life as Aditya and Dhwani, the two were trapped in the rat race. It was their successful sprint in the rat race of life that fetched them money beyond their needs, recognition that kept then alienated and a tinge of satisfied peaceful happiness that ever remained elusive to them. They drowned themselves into their work and this distraction kept them oblivious to the search deep inside them that went unnoticed and unappreciated.

Fate waited and waited and got bored of waiting for them to wake up to the voices of their discarded souls. Fate intervened. Holy trinity.

***** ****** *******

Not on my watch. Do you hear me? Don’t you dare die on me” , he said in desperation.

***** ****** *******

Holy trinity was a spa like none other. Fantastic amenities that money could buy. The comforts it offered were worth every penny that the place charged its rich clientele. One could expect the spa to be forever drowned in happy noises of fun and unrestricted frolic. Things could not be far away from the truth. Holy trinity was not devoid of noises. They were usually not of fun and spirited adventure. It was more along the lines of desperate misery.

Holy trinity was the best cancer treatment spa that money could buy. Its inhabitants were all terminal patients. The kind whose egos were bruised by doctor’s candid reminder of their frailty. All the money, power, arrogance in the world and one could not escape fate. Maybe the spirited adventure was true.

Aint the pursuit of life the most spirited adventure there ever could be?

*** ****** ***************

Not on my watch. Do you hear me? Don’t you dare die on me Jiya”, he said in desperation.

The two had met in holy trinity. They shared a ward. The two connected well. They had loads to talk to. They found companionship in a place where souls refused to part away from jaded bodies. They had become good friends. It was their friendship that restored sanity and balance in their hour of need.

One evening, Jiya’s condition had worsened. There was very little that the doctors in the spa could do to help. Vishal’s heart could not bear the sadness. It was not his mortality that weighed heavy on him. It was hers. Funny that. He had checked himself into holy trinity to fight for his life and found himself knocking at God’s doors for hers.

Not on my watch, Jiya.” He whispered. “Do you hear me? Don’t you dare die on me? It’s going to be alright. Please come back to me.”

True to his word, he waited for her. She did not disappoint him. She came back stronger and her smile was warmer than it had ever been before.

A month later, after things stabilized, things were back to their routine.

“I wish we had met when we were younger”, Jiya said. He smiled and mulled over the thought. He didn’t know how to respond to that.

“its ok. Maybe next life. Oh by the way, you do believe in reincarnation right?”, she asked

“I do now” he said.

They both smiled.

Jiya and Vishal were beyond the norms of social obligations. Vishal would tell her that they were the coolest couple in town and that they were enjoying a live-in relationship in Holy trinity. Just that their house had a lot more members sharing the roof. They would laugh about this.

One fine sunny Sunday morning, Vishal was found unconscious. He was rushed to the ward. Jiya felt shattered. Their time together made them oblivious to the reality of where they were. They had taken life for granted and had chosen to ignore the ever looming death.

She requested the doctors to give her a minute with Vishal. She gently held his hand and said

Not on my watch. I hate it when you keep me waiting. Come back soon”, she whispered.
She stroked his hair gently, and walked away with tears in her eyes and prayers in her heart. True to her word, she waited.

In their second life, they were no longer Aditya and Dhwani. They were Jiya and Vishal. Together they were JiVi … they represented life.

“Even at the brink of death, there is life, if you choose it” – Katz


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