Ain’t kansas sweetheart 

Oh she’s got a mighty wild imagination, said the nurse pointing to room number 42. 42 was a special room of sorts. Well padded. Sealed shut. It was located along the farthest corner of the A-wing in the nut house. Troublesome patients, the special kind, were usually kept there for their own safety.

Dorothy was new to the place. Her parents grew tired of her lies and tales of fantasy. Dorothy’s life always seemed to revolve around a wicked wizard and his flying monkeys. Her parents initially dismissed her claims as those of a young adolescent fantasy. As days went on, their daughter’s delusions grew stronger. They felt that their daughter could no longer call the difference between reality and fantasy. she was far too engrossed into her own world of witches, wizards and monkeys that could fly.

Dorothy’s parents were like most parents of the new jet age. They both worked hard to provide their daughter the best comforts and education that money could buy. Their nuclear family was a nice and a happy one. They lived a little far away from the city. The morning bus would pick Dorothy to school. The parents would carpool to their respective workplaces. Jacob and Emma were proud of what they had accomplished so far for their wonderful little princess.

Jacob was a market strategist working in an advertising firm. His work mandated his priorities towards life. He seldom had time for home. Emma would drop him off to work, and at night, mostly the next day early morning, he would manage to find his way home. There was no trouble in his paradise. Of course, Emma would have told him if something was brewing. so far, things were good.

Emma was a nice lady. she was no different from other nice ladies of the world. Emma grew up with her parents and her little sister, Julia. Julia had always admired Emma and would always aspire to be her. Emma was used to her sister’s attention mongering tantrums. She was amused that her little daughter was growing up just like her aunt Julia.

When the troubles started, Emma brushed it off easy. She thought Dorothy’s quibble were those of a kid seeking attention. She thought that through lies and concocted fantasies, Dorothy was begging for attention. Emma was diligent though. She made it a point to meet up with Mr Drake, Dorothy’s teacher at school. Mr Drake did concur that Dorothy was warming up to lies and that she’d always tell him tales of horrors at home. He was surprised to see Emma without bruises. Dorothy had made it apparent that her father was abusive and would often beat her mother.

That’s when the troubles started brewing. Later that night, Emma spoke to Jacob about it. They both quickly decided to take Dorothy to a doctor who could help her through the phase. The visit to the doctor was , hmmm, pretty pointless. The doctor observed their daughter to be docile meek little thing. 

The customary weekend dinners at the dining table became a nightmare for the Jacobs. Dorothy would always talk about her trip to Kansas. She’d talk about the evil wizard and his band of flying monkeys hurting her by hurling stones at her. They were always up to mischief , Dorothy would go on. She sure lived in a world of her own.

The parents suspected that their daughter was mentally disturbed and had resorted to inflicting wounds to prove her tales right. They had indulged the nonsense for far too long. The made a few calls, figured out the place that could ‘Cure’ such conditions. And so, Dorothy was slipped a sedative in her cup of milk for the night. she was relocated that very night, in secrecy and under the peaceful cold moonless night.

Dr Richard was a pleasant man. He had a kind face and did have a wonderful heart. He enjoyed his work. He enjoyed the time he spent with his patients. Dorothy’s case was assigned to him. He had met her a few times. Dorothy had told him about the wonders of Oz, the wicked wizard and his monkeys. Castle Kansas was the lair of the evil wizard. It was made of stones and tears of little girls, she’d go on describing the terrible place.


I’d like to meet you guys, Dr Richard had said over the phone. It had been two weeks since he had taken over the case of Dorothy. He wanted to talk to her parents about the course of medical care that he thought would best benefit their ward.

An appointment was fixed. Jacobs were there on time.

so did you know, Dr Richard started, ‘Mr Drake, His house , the board reads as Casa Kansas…….


Make the time for the family.



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