I don’t know. I’ve been feeling a little too blasphemous the entire morning today. The humanisation of a god and now this!!! What the hell is a divine desperation!

Before we jump the gun and start forming opinions around desperation and all things divine, I think I owe an explanation about the current frame of mind. It was a simple affair. Early morning gym. Sweat a while. Drive back and these days, I don’t give two hoots about my ipod. I listen to the radio instead. Just too lazy about charging up the music device. All things considered, I am on a forced sabbatical from music!

So, there is this advert on the radio. It was intended to be a simple and a warm advertisement. It was about this ‘Popular’ fertility clinic. The ad starts on the note where a potential opens his monologue about them (the couple) hitting all temples, carrying out all forms of worship and target focus appeasement to the gods above. The tamil term is ‘Pariharam’, which means a remedy to a malice or I guess it means a measure to counteract a given problem. The bloke goes on to say how everything has been futile. 

A miracle voice over comes and they introduce the modern advancements in science and technology and medicine. They talk about the facility and the things that it offers. Well , you get the picture.

I’ve been hearing this ad for a few days now. Each time I heard it, I couldn’t help but wonder. Are we not a nation with Plan A pointing towards gods and prayers and plan B pointing to more gods and more prayers and finally when everything else fails, we reach out and seek ‘Professional help’. 

At this point of time, I’d like to announce that I usually don’t endorse many forms of professional help. Especially from blokes who pit us against our emotional weaknesses. 

Back to the blog. Yes. I hail from a household where Plan A , B, C and D are all centred around god. Scoring bad in your exams, lets pray. Having trouble at work, lets pray a little more. Relationship woes, prayer please. I’ve battled hard against the outlook. Eventually, I brokered a peace. My parents don’t keep me informed about the things they pray about. I don’t ask them to pray for me. I’d rather take my chances and I’m happy with the arrangement. 

It’s definitely not a question over existence of god or the power behind prayers. I respect them both. What many call a prayer, I call it the power of suggestion. It is a positive enforcement that helps us channelize a sense of faith and firm belief that we will overcome our obstacles. I’m not too petty to call out the nuances to them and attempt rubbishing either tags. What works works. I don’t understand how the protocols work and how my keystrokes translate into a blog. That does not mean that I don’t believe in it or disrespect it. I coexist. 

The problem, well the problem according to me is that many folks that I’ve known, know, might know, have their prayers stacked as a Plan A. They view god in all her forms as a big brother(or a sister) who watches our every single move , assesses our every single motive, keeps a detailed audit trial of all things we do, think, act and plan. And finally decides on what we deserve to get or not get. 

Suddenly, all of this reminds me of Santa’s nice and naughty list. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not passing rude snide remarks against the heavens. All I’m saying is that aren’t we being extremely hard on ourselves by 

A. Judging ourselves extensively as step one
B. Judging ourselves on God’s behalf , because obviously we’ve done something wrong so god must be punishing us
C. Accepting our fate and succumbing to our own misery pit!!!!!!

Come on…. aren’t we better than that? I haven’t read the books, I don’t know how god works. Frankly, really don’t need to. If god was kind enough to create this forsaken 3rd rock from the sun, I don’t think god wants all of us to fail all the time. 

The ad, I think its suggestive at best. The classic case of feeding on our miserable hurt state of mind. It targets our efforts invested into a belief, points out that it is a failed model and then introduces alternatives. Worst is, people are/might be convinced of it. What we all fail to see is that nobody came knocking our door to pursue the former approach. We did it coz we HAD A FIRM BELIEF in it. Our faith was unshakable, till it went unrewarded. 

Once we realized that things were not paying off, we moved on and started holding a grudge against the generosity bucket! I call that hypocrisy. 

I believe in myself. I win on days, some days I lose. There are days when I’m awesome and I love being me. There are days when I hate my cursed existence. But know what??? everyday, I know I am responsible for all my choices and I know that I win or fail because of the things I do. I don’t hold myself hostage over it. 

As far as the advertisement goes, they’d live to fight our battles for another day. Belief and faith are wonderful things. I’m not asking you to pick either carefully. All I’m saying is, have a little in yourself too. You are human after all. You will fail on days. That’s ok. Make it work. That’s what all of us really do.


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