And so, a train of thoughts


“Write a post in 20 mins”, said she.

“I will”, said I.

My mind begins to race with thoughts, swiftly moving from one thought to another. A hurricane of words stream across my mind, creating chaos.

“Relax girl. You need to think calmly”, I tell myself. But the mind doesn’t listen , it slyly gazes at the clock again, and it says ‘You have only 17 mins to go”. “17 mins left”.

This thought leads me to think, ‘What would I do if I had a 17 minute magical time lapse, 17 mins where I could do whatever I wanted’. I am lost in thought planning my favourite adventures, treks, campfire, wildlife, travel. I also think about suddenly jumping ahead a few years to see what’s in store. Or jumping back a few years to relive my beautiful childhood.. As I type these lines, the clock shouts ’14 mins to…

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6 thoughts on “Blogathon? 

      1. Totally. I breathe life into my characters. I put them through all the hell that I go through, that I don’t have the courage to go through.. They come out strong. I come out alive 🙂

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