Man and the moon

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Why moon? I said. Why do you look to me for faith?

Am I not the broken one, with broken dream and wings
The face of challenges, and their crushing punches
did they not leave me faithless?
I used to believe in a lot
and its now beliefs that scare me.

Why moon? I said. why do you look to me for strength?

Am I not the broken one, who walks the roads alone
Weighed down by the guilt of yesterdays and fears for tomorrow
am I not weak, succumbing to my own demons?
I used to bounce back a lot
and now, even getting up scares me

Why moon? I said, Why do you look to me for courage?

Am I not the broken one, whose heart has gripped nothing but fear
haunted by a past and ghosts of a possible misery loom around me
Am I not a coward? running away from my own shadows?
The brevity of my bravery amuses me now
I am but a meagre mirage of what I used to be

Why moon? why indeed I asked
Are you short on mortals for your muse?
Do you derive a pleasure in my broken weakness
or does my failure console your tapered beauty?

Oh what nonsense, the moon she smiled.
Patiently waited for her turn to speak
With grace in her heart and truth in her words
she mustered an answer in her sincerest hue

Yes , she said. broken you are
Scared a little too
You are weak. Both in mind and spirit
You’ve given up. That , I clearly see.
Yet, its your smile that I admire, Its your smile that inspires me

Through the thorns of your chair,
through the void of your heart
through the despair of what you are
You still brave a smile.

Is that not redemption? When will you ever see?


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