Mind of a monster


The phrase has been in my head for a while now. A rough draft of this blog, it has rested well in the drafts folder. I got shallow and decided to stereotype kind blokes with heinous intentions and the title could play itself out. That cant be me. I’d never reduce myself to that. At least not yet.

Mind of a monster. The mere mention of the phrase, whom does it remind you of ? Is it still the dead dictators of the world ? Hitlers, Saddams and other wonderful folks who seized control and show their people a little glory before things got sour?

Yeah, that sounds just about right.

What about those bad folks? You know, the usual ones. The wife beaters, folks who treat their women bad. Aren’t they monsters enough? I mean, should the whole tagging as a monster depend on the scale of folks harmed? Anyways, we sure do that correlation all by ourselves. Sadly, we don’t remember the names of such ‘monsters’ who treat women like crap.

On the other side of the woods, we have epic judgemental women who treat other women as crap too. The opportune feminists who love the mileage of their fake pretend cause more than the cause itself. Shouldn’t they be monsters too? In all fairness, such folks are despised by no surprises there. They still are not termed as monsters.

As long as we are throwing examples in the lot, from any walk of life, it is quite easy to identify monsters who are comfortably not perceived as one. There is a certain comfort in our ability to adapt to such people. We encourage such behaviour by either tolerating it or putting up with it. In the pursuit of peace, we have trained ourselves to ignore such folks and prevent ourselves from being bothered by such nuisance. Guess that makes us some kind of a monster too (word play on Metallica)

Back to monsters. It was a few years ago. In my free time I used to conduct sessions for the L&D. Negotiation and effective customer engagement was my thing. I remember the line I used a lot in the past.

“Do you know my account number ? ” . So I guess you don’t know everything now, do you đŸ™‚

Apparently, a fantastic way to kill channels of communication is to shoot the most dreaded question of our industry. “Do you even know this simple thing? ”
I take that question very lightly. I’ve never let myself get offended by such harsh words. I treat business as business and at times, most times, its the business that fails and not us. We happen to represent it. I’m used to cutting such loses. Its an integrated part of my life. I don’t take such things personally.

Unfortunately, not everybody is as gifted as me when it comes to being shameless and incapable of getting embarrassed easily. Many blokes in the workshop, they had lost their confidence when confronted so forcefully by that simple question. “Don’t you even know this simple thing”.

Cool. So what about the folks who have asked this very question? Aren’t they monsters too? Not only are they more than capable of culling talent, they have also successfully gunned down open channels of communication. They’ve delicately ushered in a dogmatic hierarchy that burns ambitions.

But no. We don’t dare call them monsters. Not yet. There is no visible death toll in their hands.

Also does remind me of my very first mentor session.

“You are only an B.Tech graduate” . That was the only feedback that I received. I didn’t harbour hopes of being the CEO of this organization. All I ever dreamt of back then was to be a designer. Wasn’t that bloke a peach? Fortunately, I don’t bruise easily. But makes me wonder. Wasn’t that bloke a little monster too?

Isn’t the definition of a monster along the line of being an entity that disrupts normal peace, spread terror and cause unrest? Nobody called that bloke a monster who tried to curb my soaring aspiration. That was quite a monstrous thing to do. I mean, there are fewer sins more vile than robbing others of their dreams.

What about manipulating folks to progress our greedy agenda? Doesn’t that make us monsters too ? We selfishly place our needs in front of others. I mean that’s still socially and to me morally acceptable. But at what cost? Not at the cost of crushing someone under our foot? What goes around comes around and in our industry, there is always someone younger, smarter, better and more capable than us. The work worth ethics that we bring to the table, the working environment that we help create, now that stays with us for a longer time.

Lets take a good look around. Lets not forget the mirror too. I tried viewing the world around me. Not so surprisingly, all I see are monsters. The mind of a monster is a cynical little beast.

I guess, its good to be a monster, as long as nobody calls us that đŸ™‚


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