Tete-a-tete with the maker


What’s wrong with you? I asked!!!!!!!!!!

It was a direct question. There was no beating around the bush or songs and dances around the trees. The maker had come face to face with the toughest question there was which needed to be answered. No gentle ice breakers today. Today was all about business. 

Excuse me! , the maker exclaimed. He couldn’t believe the tone of the question. That very instant, he felt unappreciated. His work, his creation had decided to parade against him. He didn’t feel amused by the conspiracy.

Oh come on, I said. Don’t act so surprised. I mean What happened to you? Who are you these days? You are not the maker that I once knew. You were light hearted. I remember the early days. It was all about fun and laughter. You made me smile. I was happy.

I paused. I was visibly overwhelmed at the simple reality of what I had stated and confronted my maker with. He threw a poker face and said nothing.

And now, I continued. Gone are those innocuous smiles. Its not the same man!!!! I protested.

The maker mulled over what I said for a while. He nodded his head. Maybe he was also caught in a conflict of thoughts.

See, He started. If life can be compared to a novel, there are phases to it. There is the introduction phase, where one gets to introduce the characters, the backdrop  on which the story is based on. And slowly , one introduces challenges, then comes THE journey. Some tales conclude, some don’t. Just because we fall in love with one phase of it, we cant stop the tale now can we? How else would the plot move forward?

That’s lame dude, I exclaimed. Don’t give me that stuff. Life aint a novel. This is life we are talking about. MY life. If you wanted challenges, you go deal with them. Why force it down my throat ?

The maker smiled.

Don’t you see the big picture ? he politely asked me. Don’t you see how far you have come?

I shot him a puzzled look!

You smiled. Your’s was a life of funny goofy deeds done cheap. Some taught you lessons and some, were pleasant experiences. Then you branched out .You contemplated about purposes to life, you spoke of being self driven and motivating yourself through odds. You contemplated death. You contemplated about what comes next. Why cant you appreciate all the things that you could be? You were that, because I made you go through all of that!!

Yeah right!!!!!! , I shot back. The many times I stood with my heart broken. The many times I faced death. The many times when I was left in tears and stood numb and dumb to the reasons behind it!! Was it all because you could paint a few challenges???? that’s unfair.

I had a point. I could see it in the maker’s eyes. 

What would you have me do now? Pray tell me then!

I didn’t have an answerThe truth was even more chilling than the other odds that I had to face. I was given a choice and I didn’t know what to take. I thought of all those moments when I laughed blissfully. Yes, they were great. I loved the pain of being heart broken. It was not a masochistic pain. I loved the pain because I could associate myself to the wonderful turn of events which eventually led to the pain. I was hurt by it and at the same time, I knew I wasn’t complete without those experiences. 

Yes, far too many times I’ve fallen short. I’ve lost more than I could ever keep track of. But all of it has not been grim. 

I don’t know, I confessed.

The maker smiled again and pat me on my back. He left me to ponder. So I stood lost in my thoughts. Once again. 


This is a conversation between all the characters that I’ve written about so far and me. My words have given them a life. I put them through hell and heaven. I cursed them with tears and blessed them with smiles. 

And now I look to the skies. I’m tempted to have the same conversation with my maker! Would that be any different?


4 thoughts on “Tete-a-tete with the maker

  1. Quite true. Each experience leaves its mark on us. In retrospect, we would feel that some of those experiences need not have been experienced, but that feeling is but fleeting. We know we wouldn’t be the same without that. πŸ™‚ If given a choice, we’d not know what to do, I guess.


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