Time in a bottle

​“But there never seems to be enough time, To do the things you want to do. Once you find them ” – Jim Croce : Time in a bottle

The biggest irony of life is when you can sense the irony at play – Katz

Time in a bottle. My heart goes to this song. The simple lines. The soothing melody. The song is a sure way to cruise down nostalgia road. Everybody wishes they had a shot at their past for just one time. A single moment in time, if changed, we believe that our course of life could have been altered for the better. I’ve had my wishes in the past. I still do relive some of them. I don’t wish to change them now. I’ve made my peace with the things that happened.

Much as I’ve left one foot deep into the past, my other foot is grounded firm far into the future. The future. It holds the magic and miracles of things to come. It houses the gate to a paradise waiting to be found. Some times I feel that the future is overrated. We hop obliviously from once cycle to another. If I could write down the pattern of things I’ve experienced before, I’m a little certain that the patterns of the future would not be drastically different from the ones I’ve already seen.

I mean, its not that difficult a notion to digest. The past, the present and the future, they all have a meaning as long as we continue to exit in them. If there is something that even shows a gradual change, it’s only us. That being the premise, is it too much of a stretch to assume that our future will more or less resemble the dirt and details of our present. Our present is again a reflection of what we were yesterday. 

When it comes to the question of change, I think the biggest argument is that everything changes and that change is the only universal constant. That’s true. We also have had some wise bloke state that more the things change, more they remain the same. Contrasting views. But there is some sense to that madness. most cases, or what I’ve come to believe is that, we all continue to remain more or less the same. Our understanding of things that surrounds us evolves. And that evolution has an effect on the choices we make and the repercussions that we deal with. This definitely is not a change that is endorsed by the best special effects division of Hollywood that money can buy. The changes are but subtle. 

The biggest irony of life is when you can sense the irony of play. True that. I’ve come a long way from where I once started. From the depths of being shallow to the shallow waters of cosmic depths, I see the irony now. It’s all been a pointless test. Not meaningless, just pointless. Life in its various iterations has introduced me to the same set of variables. The parameters have been constantly changing. The variables here are along the lines of specifics of the things that I’ve experienced. The parameters are along the lines of people and places that have played a contributing role to the scene playing itself out.

The irony, irrespective of the distance, the change in thoughts, the sway of maturity, the toning down of anger, the opening of the mind, the acceptance of the entire wide universe, the irony, the IRONY is that the song remains the same. The scene remains the same. The choices remain the same. 

I cant help but smile. Oh what a beautiful cycle again. The change comes back to save the day. The difference, at least I see it for what it is. I’m no longer pained by it, I’m no longer elated by the charming success. I’m no longer vexed by the crushing defeat. Its bound to repeat itself. The stage remains the same, the supporting cast would change, but the fabric of characters would still be the same.

On a side note : Ever wondered, the vast many people that you hold close in your life, if you could boil their characters to traits and behaviours, don’t we all seek out to a specific combination of traits. The diverse people around us, if you remove the faces, their personality traits would be shockingly similar to the rest of the people you’ve either had or continue to have in your life. 

This brings the blog to a circle. If I could save time in a bottle, could it BE any more different πŸ˜‰



4 thoughts on “Time in a bottle

    1. I started 2013 at 130 kgs and closed 2015 at 90. Was a time when I contemplated about how many of my childhood dreams I had killed in pursuit of the rat race. Wrote this to always remind me of what that’s really important


  1. That was penned really well. Yeah change is the only constant.But life has its ways of amazing you, be it circle or any other shape there will be first times always.


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