Of wolves and men

It has been a long long while since I huffed and puffed. Folks used to call me the big bad wolf. Truth be told, I was a little hairy. I was never big. Bad, yeah, I’ll give that to you. The name stuck on. The reputation stuck on. I enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of fun with that association. I really dint do much with the piggies. They were a frightened bunch. They kept spinning yarn about how evil I was. They helped me build this reputation. I let them be. That’s all the thank you I’m ever going to offer them.

I gave up my terrorizing days ever since the Red incident. I couldn’t bring myself to being bad anymore. I guess I wanted to do something better with my life. It all started that one summer’s day. I was chilling the heat in the enchanted forest when I saw this sweet beautiful girl in red prancing about in the vicinity. I bumped into her and found out that her name was Little Red Riding hood. Young , Innocent and above all, Naive. She dint hold herself back when she was telling me the details of her life. She stayed with her mom. A single mom, working double hard. They had a hard life. Red’s granny lived in the forest. Old lady. Red was out to drop her supplies for the week.

I decided to have some fun with the women. Surprise them, scare them a little. Laugh at their terrified faces. This was going to be good for my image as THE big bad wolf. This would probably set me up as the baddest meanest villain of all time! I’d not have to worry about pesky village folks to bother me anymore. Yup, I was going to scare the hell out of them for a while and then let them be. They’d pass on the tales and everything was going to be perfect. 

I bid farewell to Red as she marched ahead to her granny’s house. I stealthily followed her to the place. I waited a whole 2 hours before making my grand entrance. Ha ha ha ha..I was going to be terrifying. I was excited and fiendishly happy. A little harmless fun would never hurt anyone 🙂

Everything went according to plan for a while. The ladies kept screaming and screaming. They were in tears. I put the fear of the mighty lord into their tiny fragile hearts. He he he… Its epic good to be bad. And thats when things started going wrong. Some idiot heard their screams and decided to play hero!!! Stupid guy, walked in with his shiny axe. He kept swinging it around like a mad bull. My survival instinct kicked in and I did the best that I always managed to do. I survived. I made my way out of that house with a few bruises. Ah well, I’d still be the terror the village would talk about. I guess they would praise their hero. Stupid human!!!

I dint care much for the incident for a while. It dint make any bloody difference to me. The objective was reached. The villagers dint bother thereafter. Life was good. I loitered and lazed in the enchanted forest without a worry in the world. One fine winter’s morning, everything changed. Everything so drastically changed.

I saw Red again. Only this time, I dint see her pretty smile. The sweet happy child that I remembered was no more the same. Her face was covered with bruises. There was this sadness in her that was visibly apparent. I couldn’t help but worry about the child. I risked being noticed and hunted. I stopped her. Hey, It’s me , Wolf.. are you alright ??

It was very understandable. She was frightened at first. She wouldn’t talk to me. I maintained a safe distance to assure her that I was not going to hurt her. I called my friends, the colorful angry birds to sing her a song. Angry birds!!!! he he he he,, they are massively misunderstood too. They are a sweet bunch. They sang their heart for little Red. The birds did their thing. Red was a lot more relaxed. 

I dont know what overcame her. She talked. You know Mr Wolf she started. When she had finished, I was left in tears. I hugged her and promised her that everything was going to be alright. I bid her farewell and was lost in thoughts.

It was not fate that summer’s day that had intervened Red’s life. Red’s savior, Mr Shiny axe, the bumbling idiot who kept swinging his axe like a mad crazy fool. Well Red was very grateful about his brave deed that she offered to marry him when he asked for her hand. Red thought how bad was it going to be. This was the hero who saved my life. Poor child. Mr Axe happens to be an abusive alcoholic. He’d walk in drunk as a skunk and beat her up every night. He was lazy as hell. He dint appreciate her at all. Red’s life was destined to be miserable ever after. I felt shattered.

It was not fate that summer’s day which changed Red’s life forever. It was I. While I pretended to be a bad guy for kicks and smiles, there were real wolves out there. Wolves were pretending to be heroes. I felt devastated that I played a role in bringing them together. Was it not my folly that decided her fate. 

I was the BAD wolf after all. I decided to set things right. That evening I paid Red a visit. I waited for Mr Shiny axe to head back home. I PUT THE FEAR OF THE LORD into his heart. You lay a finger on her, I’ll rip your damn heart out, I screamed at him. I was doing the right thing. I was emotionally committed to the cause. I would rip his heart out for whatever he had done so far. That wouldn’t bring peace to Red. She deserved better.

That was a few years ago. Red’s happy. I check in on her every once a while. She’s back to smiles and giggles. They have a beautiful daughter. Snow white, is what they call her. Awwww, she’s a pretty little bundle of joy. I’m her furry scary uncle wolfie. Snow is not scared of me. She loves me. I’m happy i did something meaningful with my life. My terrorizing days are now over. I spend my time watching over the village. 

You know what’s the funny thing about life. The world calls ME a big bad wolf!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha.. yeah, aint that what the wise call irony!

Oh oh oh oh , there is this paranoid sack of stupid whom i call the village idiot. Once a while he keeps screaming the wolf is here, the wolf is here. The villagers troll him plenty. I have no intentions of making him an hero.. The world does not need another fool to pretend to be a hero. 

Yeah, Its good to be good, but EPIC good to be bad 🙂

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