Unique really? 

Call me a geek, I really don’t mind. When it comes to anime and superheroes, I’m a fan who enjoys movie marathons. I’ve sat through seasons of their animated series. The world of superheroes and mutants and megalomaniac villains interest me. 

Having done with Penny dreadful, Once again I found my thirst for the macabre unquenchable. I settled down watching this series called Grimm. While the series in itself deserves a post, its the theme that got me interested. It talks about how difficult it is when we are different from the rest. Lets get straight to it.

“I totally want to be unique. As long as I look like everybody else” – Katz

The statement is the very contradiction that many of us refuse to accept. I wont blame us for this wish. How could I? We are a land of a billion folks. There is a natural desire to rise above most of the people around us. There is this ‘Competition’ over which we find ourselves fighting fierce for a podium finish. We are all in a race to be noticed, to be popular , to be successful , to be something more than just a face in the crowd. This is our motivation to be unique. 

Lets quickly glimpse at the hypocrisy that smugly rests behind that word. So we want to be unique. Cool. How about being extremely obese? That’s unique. While the eating habits and life choices of many folks around us are killing away the unique factor, but I guess with ample lack of exercise and a little more weekend binge, one can definitely pack a few pounds to pound the competition. Not interested? Why? 

Oh, lets get our skins tanned crazy. Lets knock the fairness factor away from ourselves. Life ain’t fair, or that’s exactly what we keep hearing around us. Why should our skins be fair? Being extremely tanned and darkened by the sun sure is a fast way to be unique among a lot of folks! I’m taking about being noticeably unique. One in a thousand kind of a deal! Not interested? hmm, okie dokie. We still have a few more options to go through.

What about shaving off you head in a weird way? Leave a few traces of hair here and there. Most definitely unique, I’d say. One can save a lot on hair conditioner and shampoo. One can save a lot of time trying to comb through breeze and windy conditions. You’d be surprised at the amount of free time you’d be left with. Still not your thing? hmm.. that odd. I thought we wanted to be unique.

Probably right about now, you are shooting THE question. I want to be unique, my friend. I don’t want to be hideous or DIFFERENT

Funny that. How does one aspire to be unique and not end up different?

That is the contradiction. Unique to many of us is an alternate word for being noticed and ending up successful. Lets call a spade a spade and say that. Why beat around the bush and say that we’d rather be unique. While the argument presented so far is along physical characteristics of people where nobody really wants to be unique. Those who are unique are unique mostly not by choice. Life just happened and rest of us chose to not make different choices about them.

So what else is unique that is worth aspiring? Oh I don’t know, what about doing what our hearts desire? What about a pursuit of dreams and passions that we once held so close to our hearts? That’s unique enough but it’s something that one does in the free time. Its not a full time occupation! How could it be. That’s why its called a passion. 

Fair enough. So that’s not unique either.

How about working to a point where we are comfortable and can leave home early. How about not running deep aspirations about leaving a MARK on the folks and decision makers around us? That’s unique too. Not many do that. Unique is after all something that’s not a common sight is it not? Naah, that’s career suicide. Nobody is dumb enough to do that

Ok… I get that picture.

How about participating in a campaign towards a helping cause? How about putting in the time and money into it. How about doing something valuable with our time and skills that actually can help people? This sure sounds interesting. Lets not get carried away and start with something simple like say two hours every week into this and say two hundred bucks as a recurring investment every week? Sounds reasonable?

What if I told you that there are so so so many folks among us who are doing the same. So much for being unique?

As it turns out, unique is our way to get noticed, recognized, accepted which results in being successful and have that perpetual 15 minutes of fame. La Di DA…. Go on, live your dream. Be unique 🙂

I’m tired of being unique. I’d rather be myself. If its just me, then hey, I’m already unique. If there are hordes like me, yaaay its a party 🙂

The words got me thinking. Is there a difference between being unique and being different? why is it that we so voluntarily aspire for being unique and hesitate when it comes to being branded as different? 



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