The other side 

“Secretly, I wished it could fly” 

We live in a fantastic land. A land of a million gods, a billion stories of morals and storytellers par excellence. Ours is land that had embraced nature unconditionally. It’s not a mystery that stories passed from one generation to another combined the elements of nature and virtues of being a human and knit the tales into a fine blend. 

Most of the tales I heard as a child or read in the form of Tinkle or Gokulam (not sure if the latter is still in publication these days) revolved around anthropomorphic animals living through events that challenged their moralities. It sure was a personification of the best kind. It imparted wisdom in ways a child could find palatable. The tales never hinged around the greyness of the world. The context were always black and white. There was absolutely the right thing to do. The evil in our hearts was easy to spot and were duly punished in time. Karma was a gentle vigilante and Karma always caught on.

As a child, I did find these extremely fascinating. I was too young and too innocent to be a cynic. I accepted the tales. I didn’t dare question them. How could I? I didn’t know the ways of the world. 

Today is a different ball game. I know of a world that flourishes between the extreme shades of black and white. We call it the kingdom of Grey. Right is not always right and wrong is at times the necessity to achieve something greater. The end at times justifies the means and I’ve learnt to call the justification by different names such as grit, determination and possibly the driving Passion to win. cheaters do prosper and today we call them as adaptive rather than vile wicked creatures with cruel intent. 

The world is drastically different today. 

While I accept the world for what it is, I couldn’t help but wonder about the tales being told to us now. Now. Especially now. We’ve long passed that expiry date on innocence and naivety which we once were. We have crossed the point of no return where right and wrong often blur the boundaries that keep them separated. And yet, we still witness the tales again today. 

And so there I was , secretly wishing for it to fly. I saw it’s struggle. I saw a few judgemental eyes. I imaged what the thoughts might be in the air. Did they want it to fail? Did they want it to fly? Did they want anything at all? And at that point, I realized that the thoughts were mine and mine alone. The thoughts of mine were getting reflected through their anthropomorphic existence. 

The crows were cawing restlessly. Ruckus was in the vicinity. When crows gang up, something usually conspires around. This time around, it was a trial by apparent fire. The youngling was struggling to fly. It tried. It tried some more. It probably tried with all it’s tiny beating heart. It was failing. The restless elders around it were not particularly enthusiastic about it’s failure. A few swooped in to peck it. The trial was now more than a test of flight. It had transcended into a battle for survival. 

I couldn’t help but wonder about the crows which were in the stories that I heard as a child. Crows were wise. They shared plenty. Unity was their strength. Today, they were no longer the heroes imparting values that inspired. Today they were as nature intended. Throwing adjectives to nature is a futile exercise. It would again reflect on our perception based on our bias.

I wondered about other animals in the mix too. Lions cannibalize the young left behind in the pride. Monkeys are violent and territorial. Tigers are loners. I quickly tried mapping the tales I heard as a child and what the discovery channel has enlightened me. The fantasy of the human imagination really did fall short on keeping up with realities that nature intended. 

I think there is always an other side to every tale there is. I’m not sure if a selective comprehension is a right about way of forming biases which would form an influential say in our thoughts and decision making process. I guess that roughly translates to a simpler conclusion of throwing in the context of the current time and age when we come across wisdom which gets passed on. Do we see it as a tale and contemplate, or do we internalize without understanding the wider repercussions of the choice? 

Now that rests with personal preference!

Anyways, so there was a king sitting with a problem statement at hand. And so walked in the wise fox 🙂


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