Walking with a yogi

I’m making a conscious effort to not publicize this blog. This one is for me. I want the words to not lose themselves in a data crash or a laptop change. I cant write this on paper. It might just freak my parents.

Enough about me. I started reading the book, Autobiography of a yogi. I got it as a gift. The tale of how I got the book is nothing short of synchronicity. Befitting so far.


Lets quickly get to the point. I think the first 10 chapters in the book are all about unlocking the chakras.


The first few chapters talk about Yogananda’s parents and his immediate family. It talks about blood ties. It talks about the first earthly bonds of bodies that all souls must learn to overcome. Hence, Root chakra. Muladhara. I’ll not attempt to write about the chakras here. As i said, this blog is for me to record and revisit at a later point of time.


The root talks about immediate ties.


I think the chapter on Gandh Yogi, or the yogi of perfume and scent, It talks about the Sacral chakra.This chapter talks about the seduction of power. It talks about sensory perception and the illusion of senses. How the senses please, and how such pleasures are pointless.


Tiger swami. This was the one that got me thinking along the chakras. Tiger swami, represents the Solar Plexus. How could he not? He’s the epitome of the SELF. had skills, took pride in them, was an awesome tiger basher. Even at the face of a possible self destruction, he still chose to brave the odds. He felt offended when challenged. He beat his odds through grit and determination.


Classic Solar Plexus. Focuses on the identity of the body.


Mahasaya . The guru represents the heart. The examples in the book about the talkies, while i was amused at the detour from the spiritual path, and then i realized it talked about the heart. Guru establishes that chord between their hearts .Its only through Yoganandha’s heart’s desire, is he revealed the grandeur of such a connect



JC bose makes an appearance. My initial feeling was that the chapter was pointless. And then it hit me. Bose represented the Throat chakra. He was creativity exemplified. Yogananda makes it a point to focus on the speech delivered by JC Bose. A tell tale sign of a balanced throat chakra. When one takes pride in the talents, one deviates from the path. Bose had it balanced. His focus was towards the quest for scientific truth.


And this brings us to Yukteshwar Guru Ji. The story of how guru ji made it to my life still brings tears to my eyes. I’ll skip those for now. Given the context of the book, Yukteshwar guru ji makes an entrance at the Third eye chakra. What poetic beauty in the sequence of the book. The master appears to liberate the student. Goosebumps moment I when i got to the chapter.

Another reason why I chose to make these correlations was the fact that I coast through diverse emotional states when I went through the chapters. The root, I cried. Throat, I felt condescending. With heart, I felt at peace. Just happy to be reading about Mahasaya. With Solar plexus, I felt stoic.


I’ve experienced similar emotional swings before. When I started meditation, I picked this youtube meditation clip that lasted 21 minutes. 3 minutes for each chakra cleanse. It was the most enlightening 21 minutes of my life. From anger to tears, from love (karuna) to stoic detachment, I felt a lot. Back then, I couldn’t understand the what or the whys. It took me a while to understand the state of my chakras to see how they reacted different to different stimuli. I experienced similar sways when reading the chapters. It’s not common for me to emotionally breakdown reading a book and most definitely not a spiritual book.


I’ve stopped believing in coincidences.

I’ve still not read the chapter yet . My journey continues.

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