Beyond words

I’ve struggled with the notion for a while. I don’t find myself in that struggle anymore. In the past I’ve tried to coin words, frame meanings and force an explanation to what it was. I know i failed miserably. I guess it was not a fault with articulation. I’ve never been short of words. Now that I’m here, I think what I lacked was a wider awakening and awareness of what things were. I’m clearer than what I was before. Ergo, I now understand what it was.


Funny the way a mind trapped within it’s four walls behaves. Words of wisdom do tend to get reduced to mere words. Comprehension without a realization and an association to the way of life, is just as futile as a struggling to read through a passage written in a foreign language. Comprehension as a forced means to tie two words together to under appreciate the plot is pointless too.


Maybe it was the guilt of some unpardonable sin or a trespass that kept us from redemption. Guilt, by virtue defies the order of the term surrender. How can an unconditional surrender only lead to virtues being paid as a tribute to god and sins of the servant not find their ways to the feet of the master. May be this is again a fruit from the labor of the original sin. It us only us, who take comforts to the delusion that hypocrisy provides. How depraved we get when we assume that our surrender to a power beyond us does not deserve to carry the sins of our making. If that was the intent of the master, I lament calling that a master.

In the name of surrender, do we not wash away our right to being a human that entitles us to a free will. Is surrender an escape from responsibility? It is a means to delegate the pains of making choices that we either fear committing or the consequences that we refuse to deal with? Makes me wonder the nature of the status quo of such a faith. Are we looking for a direction to a brave new world of connected souls and a singular truth or are we only looking to take comforts in a mute scapegoat that cannot protest back and refuse any part in this farce named surrender. Unconditional with a brand of conditions apply. I truly find this amusing.


Be brave my friend. I know my words are beyond your reach. I know my wisdom has yet to survive the test of time. But words are all that I can offer today. For these are the words that I now choose to live by. I stake the reminder of my journey against these words. These are all that I’ll ever have to offer. Unconditional and without a tinge of a wavering faith.


Set aside the fears of the yesterday. Set aside the demons and the makings of your sin. They are but a speed bump in the journey that spans a many lifetimes. Find the strength to forgive yourself. Find that courage to leave it at the door and reach out to the obvious truth. You are here today. So am I. So is the world. It’s with today where we choose where our steps take us tomorrow. Spread your arms wide, like a bird which soars the skies in euphoric freedom. Baggage of yesterday are but lessons that set us straight. Remember the lessons, feel free to forget the acts.


It’s your faith that has taught you that everything is willed. If you find your mettle in not agreeing to that, that’s even better. Which only stands to prove that you are in control and no longer a puppet to strings.


All I ever ask is a firm choice to stick to one truth. Either truth that you choose to accept, you are but absolved of all your sins of yesterday. They only persist in the ignorance of a guilt ridden hypocrisy of an addiction to stay punished. You deserve better than that.


See beyond the words my friend. Words are just words if you strip away their power. Words will continue to be just words if you shy away from investing your faith into them. What good is that wisdom which refuses the dignity that words so humbly request?


Inspired by reading about Sri Yukteswar Giri. Its to your feet, i surrender my words, Teacher.

Tamasomā jyotir gamaya








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