Two weeks notice 

If someone were to tell me that a lot could happen in two weeks, I’d have probably laughed at them two weeks ago. The last two weeks have been very special.

Made a few new set of friends.
Met my old friends and we had a gala good time.
Fell in love with a city that never bothers sleeping
Took a deep dive in understanding myself and my beliefs
Braving a whole new direction in this brave new world.

This post has nothing to do with any of those outlined above. Two weeks is the perfect time to pull in a new look!! Yeah, been two weeks since my last shave and I’ve not changed my face in a while. I decided to take my chances today.

As heaven as my witness, My dad always wanted to see a civil engineer in me. As teachers as my witness, I knew early on that i was extremely incapable of drawing parallel straight lines. I think they call it the parallax. I call it my inability to do draw straight lines. Cant do. I draw wonderful lines that have an innate need to crisscross their paths at some point or the other.

So what does my dad’s dream of me being a civil engineer have to do with facial hair? Simple, I first tried the ‘French beard look’. A little monkey business with balancing the lines later, I realized that I can’t do that look again for two weeks. Spoken words and blades coasting through the skin, both do cross over the point of no return.

Fine, I consoled myself. No more french. I wanted to go for something tabooed german. You guessed it right. I tried the Hitler next. Life is so cruel. Remember the many times I’ve blogged about the childhood image of my adulthood with a thick dense moustache? yeah, just so happens that I cant pull a Hitler either.

Cool. There was nothing much left above the lips to play around. I was a victim of a forced soil erosion this day. The evils of men and their uncanny affinity towards deforestation!!! I shifted my attention towards a promising goatie.

A goatie is more like the simplest and the laziest means of making a fashion statement. Dont shave your chin and you have a goatie. My skills with lines did a cameo to spoil such simple pleasures of life. Before I knew it, I was already a victim of a lack of symmetry. The left hemisphere had more coverage than the right. Oh i fixed it. Now the right was winning the percentage occupation wars!!!!

A swoosh there and a glide here.. And soon realized that I wasn’t even going to pull a decent goatie. 

Ample monkey business later, I finally settled down for a sliver of a patch. Two weeks more to go. Times like these I am so much at sublime peace with myself. I’m not a selfie maniac and going by the current turn of events, I don’t think I’d be braving the lens of a camera any time soon!!!!!

Two weeks huh. A lot can happen over a two week window. A new found faith in life, a renewal of wonderful ties of friendship. Or a reality check on why i chose to remain clean shaven! Lets face it, given my skills with the jackknife, I think clean shaven is the only look that I will eventually end up pulling to near perfection!

Two weeks huh. Imagine a lifetime of such surprises!!!! 


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