“Kids will be kids” – passed on wisdom and it still holds true.

The thought takes me back to my days as a kid. Arguably, that covers a real long span of 33 years. I’ve clocked a whopping 3 decades and a three and I still am not sure if I’ve grown gracefully into an adult. 

Growing up, I had an affinity to the word DON’T. I’d usually read the first two letters of the word and rest would go on to be something that I’d learn. Cause and effect. Cause, because I could do it. And effect, I guess we call it building character. Be it the don’t get drenched in the rain!!!, or Don’t talk to strangers, or don’t venture out side the safety of the building…The don’t kept on pouring and the things I kept on doing. Remember the phrase that I use a lot? When you grow up doing stupid things, you do end up with a gold mine to sit and blog about.

For a while now, I’ve actually thought that my life was stuck in a second gear. I barely gained momentum, or that’s exactly what I thought for the longest of time. The so called state of stasis had a wonderful impact on the way I saw things. I still do make the time to meet my friends. The blokes that I still bother calling my friends, come what may, I make an effort to catch up. 

With years behind me , as a time and tested professional, I walked into my friend’s place after a good deal of years. The love was the same. The people were the same. Even his dog ‘Bruce’ was the same. With so many things unchanged , there was this one teeny tiny detail that had changed in time. Time. People had grown older. I had grown older in the same time too. My friend’s mother, was the same sweet lady that I met nearly a decade ago. She’s still full of life, she’d still slog in the kitchen each time one of us visits the house. She still has that warm smile and a hearty hello to make anyone feel immediately welcome. 

I could make a note of how things had changed around me. As I grew stronger , both in body and will, I saw people around me either growing strong or growing frail. Time definitely never has discriminated. It’s charm sweeps us all the same way. 

The longer I thought I was in a state of stasis, the clearer the obviousness had become. I saw bones grow weak. I saw the heart’s determination out play the body’s will to conquer. Mind usually won on the day. The body would go on to win the next day.

My parents are no exception to the changearound me. The tables now changed, I no longer get the Don’t from my folks anymore. Instead, I feed them their don’ts. Don’t go out in the sun. don’t go to the temple everyday. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t let people swindle you !!! Don’t this, don’t that. The tables have really changed indeed.

And now it’s time for me to remind myself the wonderful fact that I’ve always known and only getting to experience things now. ‘Kids will be kids’. Kids of different ages will still be a kid at heart. The more I tried to force feed my parents with a don’t, the more I tempted them into doing things. They soar free with no worry of consequences or the fatigue that’s in store for them. They don’t really care. 

A wonderful lesson in parenting and I learn this by parenting my parents! Let the kids free. Be there when they fall. Constricting them, robs them of a life they dream of by showing the courage to brave. My parents did just that with me. They let me be. They let me fall. They let me fail. and Now, do I feel the moral high ground because I have strength in my shoulders to dictate terms????

such an illusion is not meant to last. I’ve seen it. From strength to strength we march towards frailty that is inevitable. Go on. live free, liberate yourself. 


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