Mine is a sweet old tale of finding dignity and integrity through sweat.  Two years ago,  I was a whale clocking at 140 kgs.  Frustrated and tired with the life and choices I had made,  I decided to fix it. With nothing but anger in my heart,  I set aside the time to conquer my demons. 

Two years and 40 kgs later,  I do feel light. The anger is gone. In the journey of wanting a fair shot at life,  I did manage to open up wonderful life experiences.  The thrills of pushing my body to new heights, the satisfaction of breaking a few bones,  ripping a few muscles, and sweating rivers every day took me to a whole new wide world of being empowered.  

Everyday is a constant reminder of my battles with life and everyday I win a little. For what it’s worth,  I sit on the miracle of being in love with myself. 
There is a wonderful acceptance of who I am, what I am and where I want to head next. 
Through the little miles everyday,  I brave a smile and it’s that smile that helps me brighten up the world around me. 

Stay driven, stay motivated, inspire the world around. Be the hero you were born to be. And yes, always and I mean always,  #KEEPRUNNING 


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