M. S. Subbulakshmi and the IT way of life

Started my day at 5 today. A jog, a surprise meet with a friend by the morning beach, a sit down with music composition later, I learnt or rather I reassured myself about the IT way of life. When we have an early start to the day, I guess we are left with ample time to enjoy the abundant hours!

My mom loves all things carnatic. MS is magic and nothing I say will ever do justice to the beauty of her voice and the divinity through her expression of music. I’ll leave that to the experts. Since I had all the time in the world this morning, I decided to keep my mom connected to one of her loves. A quick chit chat and KT gyan to my dad later, he asked me a question that made me both smile and reflect.

‘Is the internet inside my phone da?’ , my dad asked. It was his childlike innocence at play. I must admit. I am extremely guilty of not spending Tech times with my folks. Today I helped him understand how the WIFI works and introduced him to the world of Youtube and the million hours of engaging entertainment that it provides.

It was a daunting experience for my dad. He’s never been internet or tech savvy. He takes comforts in doing things the right way. That’s by hitting the world, meeting people and sharing conversations. The comforts of the world at our fingertip does not appeal to him. I remember such a similar daunting experience. We are technologists, we as predictors of trends and enablers of businesses across the world, when we started, we sure felt daunted on the first day.

I was introduced to mainframes. It had no visual directory structure. CD.. made no sense in mainframes. I struggled to navigate from one screen to another. Fetching a data involved something called a SPUFI!!! It sounded all spurious to me at first. I struggled. I felt dumb. In time, I got used to the environment. I got comfortable and today, I’ve forgotten all about it. One more skill rusted away in time.

KT is a daunting experience. Lets never forget that. The fresher the folks are to the world of KTs, the more daunting they feel about it. As seniors, sometimes the young naive novice’s questions crack us up. Agreed. That’s no excuse to treat them different. A minute to reflect back on how we started, really helps them have a better start. Laugh with them. It’s not about laughing at them.

The purpose of KT is not to dump knowledge into a new mind. The purpose is to maintain the momentum of running a business even when board up a new team. That’s the purpose. Knowledge facilitates that activity. Unless we train our team to perfection the way we expect perfection and certainty in our deliveries, there is always going to be gap. Time and again, there is conflict of ideologies that one confronts. Fresh blood is aggressive, they are more curious, they are extremely ambitious and most importantly, it’s their brave new world of opportunities. Those of us who have clocked a little time, we are aware of our opportunities, life cycle of deliveries and our life has taught us to sometimes slow down, think long, think deep before we rush into actions. The novice among us, they are yet to learn that lesson. Such important lessons in life cannot be rushed.

As I explained to my dad the way to log in, not only did I help him be a little more independent, I did make him feel a little empowered as well. Aint that the spirit of KT as well?


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