All about the Inconvenience



There is nothing more comforting than the sweet embrace of a lie that keeps us safe, away from the bitter coldness of the reality that we fence off with the wall that we build around ourselves. Truth is an unpopular commodity, and that seems to be the truth around the word truth.


If you were to ask me to compare a bit of something true and a bit of something that’s a lie, I’d definitely struggle to call out the boundaries that blur them. In the land of living, truth and lies have their charm and serve their purpose. Artists use a lie to convey the truth. Manipulators use truth to sell a lie. The lambs that we are, we sit clueless to what is what. I guess it’s one of those things where a little context helps sell either of the commodities.


I think it was around 2011, when my friends let me in on an inconvenient truth. I was leading a lousy lifestyle back then. I was unhealthy as hell. That day the truth hurt real bad. I hated my friends. The people that I had called friends for years now, the words were daggers and it was cutting through my skin, my heart, my dignity. I felt ravaged from the inside.


I endured. Did nothing about it though. But I endured it nonetheless.


The next time someone would tell me a truth that would shake the very foundations of my deluded life would come around in 2013. This time it was my sister who threw a little shower on my parade of lies and illusion. It’s your life, go do something about it rather than sitting like some loser, she had told me.


Truth hurt.Immensely.


I am but thankful today to those moments of absolute truth. The truth set me free indeed. I sit today wondering. In this day and age of friends , acquaintances, BFF for life, Frenemies, digital stalkers, real life stalkers, admirers, followers, we are but surrounded by hearts that like us. I sit today wondering. In this day and age of being drowned with people who ‘Care’, do we really have friends who tell us the things we don’t want to hear?


Do we have people who brave that inconvenience to tell us things that would help us get control of our life? Do we have people who put us before their own self, and liberate others rather than keeping others in a stasis of helplessness only to feel better about themselves and swoop in to play the loving kind supportive ears?


And that I do wonder.


Thoughts took me to another place. Why is it that we don’t let ourselves near the truth? Why is it that we choose to distance such harbingers of truth? Why is it that angels with lies find comforts to our heart rather than the devil that brings us freedom?


The deeper our lies go, the longer we choose to live in that lie, the truth stands to stay alienated. Truth becomes the unwanted unappreciated foe who is cast away from the heaven of our hearts. Our attachment to our delusion keeps us distanced from the truth and the bearers of that truth.


I do feel lucky that I have people who hook me up with that truth. Yes, I’ve hated them all at some point, but I still love them for what they helped me see. It’s their courage that made me a better bloke. A toast to such daredevils.




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