To the depths within self

Time is a fantastic thing. Two years ago, I’d have not see it the way I saw it today. Two years ago now feels like a lifetime ago. I don’t think I can ever go back to the comforts of ignorance that once kept me under the veil of fake pretend happiness. I sat watching the interstellar movie, and sat reassured about my thoughts on all things spiritual. I think the movie is a deep dive into many things spiritual.

The first is the easiest reference to spirituality.


Awakening & Journey :


I’ve always felt strong about the nature of one’s awakening. It’s not in satisfied happiness does one wake up to the path. I think a jolt and a rejection is in order for the body to get shocked to let it’s grip over the soul go. It’s only when we reject the world that surrounds us, we let ourselves look deeper within the world within the world.


The story takes the similar path of a spiritual aspirant. It starts with the rejection of the world around. There is a pain, and the only means to cope up is to reach to the truth where one hopes to find that peace. And so the journey begins. The journey opens up more questions and each answer takes us a bit closer to the singular oneness. And finally, actualization follows. One is with the singularity and returns back to the world. Awakened.


The conflict of the mind , the body and the soul :


Another layer that stirred emotions in me were around the wonderful conflict between the mind, body and the soul. There are two characters who are touched by that singularity. The protagonist, whom I’d take it as the representation of the soul. His daughter, Who i’d take as the representation of the mind. Mr Mann, is the embodiment of the body.

While the body lets go its grip over the soul, and the journey of a spiritual aspirant starts, the battle with the body is never really over. Mr Mann represents the primal trait of the body, which is self preservation. It is in the nature of the body to feel attracted towards the self. It does what it can to persist the meaning it holds. Mr Mann represents that till the point he dies in the movie. So close to the singularity, and yet so distanced by it. The strong desire to live, that strong affinity to exist, keeps the body away from the reality that matters.


The soul stays seduced by the body. And then it rejects it. The battle is obvious. The body exerts control over the soul. It is natural. That is the way of a birth. It’s the mind that helps that separation. The drive for the protagonist was the daughter. In reality, it was always the mind that kept the soul reaching out further and farther towards that oneness. It was always about the mind.



One soul many lifetimes :

This was one of the most beautiful moments in the movie. The big reveal. The soul realizes a way to reach out with the knowledge that it possesses and figures out that there are many lifetimes that it can choose to pass that message across. The liberated awakened aspirant is in tune to what the soul rests to convey. The plot wonderfully explains the way language is never a barrier to such a conversation. And so yet again, the relationship between the mind and soul is at play. It takes the mind to grow conscious to what the soul has in store. Through the mind, one unlocks the secrets of the soul. This alone can be interpreted in many ways. The third eye and the crown chakra are our connects to the wider universe around us. Both are located by the head which is analogous to the mind.


The final connection : 


Contrary to popular belief, and before i even make this sentence, this is my biased perception. I so want to strongly believe in this. I could be wrong. I’ll deal with it when the time comes.


The connection is established in the final moments of the reveal. The dimensional bookshelf, is possibly a representation of the buddhic plane. It is even in that plane, the soul speaks of the connection it exerts. This is not attachment. There is a difference. The attachment that the soul exerts seems to be, or i would really desperately want it to be, different from the attachment that our body exerts.Souls , the object of time becomes immaterial. Whereas bodies, the time holds a value. Therefore, the climax, elaborates that connection which exists and the power and significance of that connection. It is that connection that carries the soul forward. It talks about the progression. And unlike the body like attachment, there is no regression.


The spiritual planes :


Ok, I’m not aware of different planes. My understanding of the different planes are lousy. But the movie made me wonder about the different planes and their proximity to the singularity. If you notice, its the mind and the soul that are connected to the singularity in the movie. The body never gets to understand it. Neither does it appreciate it.


Time is a factor when we dwell at lower planes. The higher we go, the interpretation of time varies. Time is no longer of sensible meaning. There is only the journey that is left and is of significance.



The colors and symbolism:


Few colors caught my attention. I’ll write them in the order of how my thoughts carried.


Brown: This to me represents the Out of body experience. The worm hole, if i’m not wrong, was represented by brown and then it fades in to black. Brown represents the earth. It’s the worm hole, which symbolizes the liberation of soul, our ability to travel the astral plane to witness dimensions. Brown symbolizes our exit from the firm assurances of the very earth that we belong to.


White and Black : This is a delicate balance. The new world that Mr Mann inherits. The color is a mix of both black and white. White represents the purity, given the proximity of that plane to the singularity. But it is dirty with Black. The black is the sum total of the sins of the body that refuses the soul to progress any closer to the singularity.


Golden yellow: Finally we come to the singularity. The big black hole, was actually golden yellow and dense black at its core. Through my meditations , i’ve always felt comforted by the light of the same color. I dont know what it stands to represent. It was still a color that caught my attention



The epic mega wave :


This has nothing to do with spirituality, or I dont know that significance. I know that wave. I’ve seen that wave a lot of times in my dream. It was a moment when I saw my dream on the screen. There was an eerie familiarity to the scene. I dont know what that means and I’m not going to contemplate it either.



To me, interstellar was a deep dive about things spiritual. I could be a mad man. It’s ok. Still felt like writing about it.








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    1. 🙂 it does sound dense at times. The easiest way to read my posts is to associate the emotion which connects to the theme at play. Rest are just a play of words to keep the plot together. I explore the burst of emotions that we experience through events that unfold in our lives. We lie with words, but our emotions never betray us

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