A brief measure of time

Time is a fantastic commodity. Time heals, it waits for none and in time everything makes sense. Yeah, indeed. All the thinking about time, made me think a little more about it. 

Lets talk about 2 years , for example. 2 years was the time that I had to wait before I finally watched the movie Interstellar. I was probably the only one in the hall who had not watched it or read about it. In fact, I was the only one on the edge of my seat, much the amusement of movie goers around me!!!!

Fine, I’ll give you that. The example about the movie was a petty one indeed. Who really cares about a movie right? 

Cool, lets up the Ante then. What about 18 years? It was the time that it took for me to finally pick a guitar and learn one to play? 

Then again, music is a passion/obsession of sorts. So I’ll let the guitar episode go. But what about 33 years? The time it took me to finally start playing the piano? It wasn’t the case of passion here. I’ve always hated the instrument. I felt it was too ‘not so rock n roll’ of an instrument to really pursue any interest. 

But then you are right. Music is music and I’d have probably done that anyways.

So what about 31 years? The long wait of 31 before I decided to hit the gym and put my life back on track? Yeah, it was a selfish drive indeed. I grew too selfish and narcissistic about that endeavour! 

That also means we can discount the 32 years mark, which was the milestone of my first ever 10K run! 32 also marks the first of my 50K cycling .. we can discount that all on the grounds of selfish outlook towards wanting to stay fit.

So, 30 years? That’s the wait I had to endure before I realized my love for words. That’s an even three decades of sitting clueless before I decided to do something about them words. 

The measure of time is an endless reality of sorts. There are many a wonderful tales that justify the reasons why we refuse to do certain things. There usually is just one reason to doing them. that reason sings along the tune of ‘Did it coz I wanted to do it! ‘

I’m going to be fairly candid here. While I waited, it wasn’t the same as endurance. I had broken down a lot of times. Many times I gave up. I lost interest. I opted to succumb to whatever state of the mind that I found myself in. I hadn’t planned for any of the things that I eventually did pick up in life. I’ve still not planned the list of things that I still might end up picking up later down this road of life. 

It’s not easy. I’ve had so many reasons to give up. I’ve had folks reminding me to give up. I’ve had folks telling me that it’s rather silly to try something new after decades of existence. But that’s all there was ever to it. Opinions from folks who had not done things themselves! 

And so when I met my  set of wonderful friends I’ve made across the years, none of them have offered me a gyaan which they’ve not extensively practiced. Paying attention to doers, hearing them out, paying a little attention to what they have to say, makes the effort worth the while. 

As the movie interstellar reminded me, Time is just a thing, just like everything else in life is. Just another thing!

It’s never too late to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. And so the age old argument comes with the justification, just because one can jump from the roof, should we do it? 

Why not? If you have the right safety harness, it’s called Bungee Jumping! And I want to do that too someday 🙂


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