The tenacity of the tentative trifle 

That’s a lot of T’s in the title. I started the day thinking about the word Tenacious. By definition, the word stands to represent the ability to hold on to something. Mostly an ideology. I couldn’t help by talk about tenacity of all things trifle. 

Data sourced from WIKI, cases in India reported in 2014. And missed a detail. That’s number of suicide cases reported. 

Causes No of reported Deaths Reasons *
Other Family problems 28,602 Relationships
Illness 23,746 Health
Other prolonged illness 15,419 Health
Insanity/Mental illness 7,104 Health
Marriage Related Issues 6,773 Relationships
Love affairs 4,168 Relationships
Drug abuse/addiction 3,647 Choices
Others 2,607
Failure in Examination 2,403 Fear
Bankruptcy or indebtedness 2,308 Money
Dowry Related Issues 2,261 Relationships
Unemployment 2,207 Money
Poverty 1,699 Money
Non Settlement of Marriage 1,096 Relationships
Property dispute 1,067 Money
Death of dear person 981 Relationships
Cancer 582 Health
Fall in social reputation 490 Fear
Extra Marital affairs 476 Relationships
Suspected/Illicit relation 458 Relationships
Paralysis 408 Health
Divorce 333 Relationships
Impotency/Infertility 332 Relationships
AIDS/STD 233 Health
Ideological causes/Hero worshipping 56

Now , the reasons are the reasons that I tagged to the causes. I’ve classified them into deaths because of relationships and related woes. Then comes health. Money and fear/social status. Some I just left blank because I didn’t know what the hell folks were thinking when they decided to die for that cause. We should probably cap them under HUH!!!!!!!!

So Health takes the cake. 43% of reported suicides were health related. 41% were relations and relationships related. Rest, ya, a few scattered across. 

Hence comes the title into place. Tenacity of the tentative trifle! Why would one choose to end life. Why would one choose to succumb to a challenge? How could one brave to make that final plunge into the big D. The intent of the blog is to remind us , or just myself about how pointless the decision seems to be when we look at the numbers. Their stories are not immortalized. Their intents did not set an example. Their intents go buried with their remains. All that is carried forward is a mind that wonders about the pointlessness to such misery.

While the classification seemed to be simple enough, I am still privy to the fact that there are many factors that influence each category. Relations/relationships, is a broad span. Under which, the causes might be domestic abuse, dowry, failed relationships, opposing families. Each can be tagged under a different emotion which would have been the penultimate emotion that might have plagued the poorly departed. 

But the underlying point remains the same. Isn’t life worth living? Isn’t our life worth something? Don’t we deserve that shot at life. Don’t we deserve to conquer that challenge and brave on. Is living as a loser so much hard than dying as a coward who just refused to stand up for their own precious life? 

Tenacity is a wonderful word. I just feel that feeling tenacious over things that are trifle is pointless. There is so much to life to hold on to. Even the bad days and especially the bad days. Bad days are a good opportunity to call a friend, share a few tears, have a few laughs before we close that day. Giving up is not going to solve anything. 

I think even death deserves the respect it commands. There is no point degrading it by embracing it for things we glorify beyond what it deserves.

So much talk about the big death. This blog is not about death. This blog is not about giving yup. this blog is not about failure. This is not about success either. This is about a very humble thing called ‘Thoughts’

We are our thoughts. It’s good to realize the value behind such thoughts. It’s good to respect the power that thoughts exert over us. I think it is prudent and wonderful to know that a lot of people have given up their lives because they were stuck on a thought, instead of letting them go and starting over with new thoughts. Brave new thoughts.

And so a wonderful person told me recently“Its a new day, new hope, new smiles and always will be the time to talk about new topics” – Vibha 
and that beautifully captures the essence of existing and having a shot at the 4 lettered word called Life. 

Say yes to life. All you ever need to do is say that yes everyday 🙂


8 thoughts on “The tenacity of the tentative trifle 

    1. I thought love failure and bollywood was the root cause. I was left shocked by seeing that ppl chose to kill themselves rather than battle through their health and woes. The stats reassured me that it’s rather pointless existence to sit and worry about chaar log and the aachar they sell


  1. Karthik, I commend you for the amount of research in writing this post. It’s really sad. The statistics are telling. I did suffer from depression after being out of work for a long time and didn’t want to wake up in the morning to face the day. But, very often we need to listen to someone going through rough weather! The angry tide will pass and we need to keep believing till the end. Success or failure never last. The trick is if we’ve been successful once, there is no reason why we can’t make it again.


    1. I’m so glad that u pulled through mate. Life is hard and cruel at times. But we have a choice. Put some faith in ppl close to us and they are the God send who will see us through. Once we stare at the abyss of the darkness of our heart, and it stares right back at is, we are forever changed. Rest is all about a moment’s courage to either come back strong or stay buried alive till we eventually die

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really loved this post and it touched me. There are many people who do not value life, Like you say there are so many ppl stuck with one single thought that it consumes them entirely including their life.
    Keep writing 🙂


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