Unbore yourself 

Being a senior has a few perks. Like this time around, I had to chair the official Diwali celebrations planning committee in the account. A quick round up of faces both new and old, a team was formed. Yesterday’s conversation over a certain action got me thinking,

As custom mandates, we opted to buy chocolates to distribute. And then we do have a few events lined up and budget and global recession considered, we decided to throw in more chocolates as prizes for winning them events. One bloke suddenly snapped out from a slumber and made a valid point that we were throwing in far too many chocolates. He felt that would bore people and folks would not really care much.

The point made, it did alter our plans. That’s not the point though. I got thinking.

Growing up, Diwali has always been a festival of lights, sounds and exploding colors. It’s one festival where my mom would ensure that I’d wake up early, shower, have em sweets and wear new clothes ( yeah, lets reorder a little, new clothes and then sweets) . She’d kick me out to hit the streets and let me be. I’d lose myself to adventures of bursting crackers in many many imaginative and destructive ways. Good times. 

That was decades ago. The day, I must admit, is not the same to me anymore. The cool factor has dialled back a lot. I stopped bursting crackers when I was in high school. The few times my nephews and niece wanted to explore the wonders of decibels and flames, I was there to ensure they were safe. Yeah, the day of celebration has never been the same.

For a while, the obligated excitement was around buying new clothes. I think two years ago I had blogged about how I could finally fit Retail!!! I think it was by then where I lost interest in buying new clothes. The irony. Finally capable, but just not interested anymore. 

I had a flood of thoughts hit me last evening. I kept wondering about how jaded things have become indeed. New clothes at a time where we are free to buy new clothes every month should we want to. New sweets, and yes, everyday is a New Sweet day. The celebrations have become a routine to me and I couldn’t help but realize how they had all tallied up to a nice little ritual of a routine.

I made a decision last evening to unbore myself. Everyday we do read about daily heroes and heroines doing something kind. Passing goodwill and sunshine. Spreading joy and the message of love. Hell , even the advertisements these days do have an altruistic touch to them. I decided to celebrate by helping an unknown, unfamiliar face smile. 

Yeah, I’d rather spend my money on smiles that really mean something rather than parading myself in front of cameras to be a status tag on someone’s page. I have my plans. I convinced my parents to play along. They don’t approve my choice, but I know deep down they are smiling about my choice in a good way. 

That just me. I neither ask, nor dictate that everybody feel the same jaded with everything around as I feel. But here is a thought. This celebration of lights, can we do , even something so little as a 1 rupee chocolate to a strange kid. Let’s see if genuine smiles have the power to make our hearts feel the warmth that the spirit of season always intended. Lets really put things to the test. Does one have to be born special and make money in billions to spread a little sunshine? 

This is me, throwing a Lakshmi-vedi (fire cracker) challenge at you. This festival of lights and smiles, lets see if we can add more smiles to the occasion.

Go ahead, unbore your life 🙂


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