Take no chances

” Without second chances, Humanity would cease to exist ” – and don’t go and write a stupid story about it and kill off a random character!!!! 

The message was heard loud and clear and I’m not going to kill any character with this one. The humanity would cease to exist, that I concur. The last week, I have been contemplating a lot about second chances and the nature of a second chance. The concept did intrigue me plenty. It had my undivided attention. The notion was a splinter in my head. 

The obvious question that I had in my mind was, ‘ Does everybody deserve a second chance? ‘ Grudgingly , I admitted that everybody deserved a shot at it. Eventually, everybody deserves one. The word eventually was all it took for me to subtly hint that a second chance was not an entitlement. 

Second chance is not a concept about luck. It’s not a concept that deals with logic either. Second chances are an outcome of an emotional thought process. 

‘ Opportunities are created, second chances are usually gifted.’ – Katz

The biggest differentiator between an opportunity and a second chance is the fact that one does not need an external influence to spot and work towards an opportunity. The outcome is a resultant of many a factors. It shares the space with capability, ability, a dash of luck, the timing of things that surround it. Opportunities are created and grabbed. 

A second chance, by virtue, is usually offered. It is an unconditional gift from one bloke to another. It is a shot at doing something different , it’s that shot at starting from scratch regardless of the outcome of all previous attempts. And that is the biggest difference between and opportunity and a second chance. While an opportunity requires courage to pursue, a second chance banks on the kindness of the heart to bestow upon someone else. 

That established, with emotions driving the show, I couldn’t help but prance around the hallowed halls of psychology to understand the nature of second chances. Strictly psychologically speaking, A second chance is also a sign of reluctance. It is a last resort, last ditch effort in ensuring that things work this iteration. The outcome is usually defined by how the receiver capitalizes on the offered luxury. 

Professionally speaking, a second chance is a calculated estimation of gauging the ability of a bloke to reach objectives. It serves as a token of goodwill to make amends for decisions that went astray. Given the context of work, the judgement call to bestow a second chance is fairly simple. It tallies the past record, keeps into account the current capabilities and if all it takes is a minor detour from previous decisions, then most second chances result in a favourable outcome. 

A second chance in a professional context is usually not driven by emotions. It’s driven by logic. 

Beyond the walls of the cubicle, the concept of second chances significantly varies. 

The reluctance comes into play. We bestow that second chance because we want to and not because we are obligated to. It’s a choice made. Statistically, such second chances have a higher rate of failure than success. The cycle continues till one reaches a saturation point and eventually gives up. 

While the science remains cold and reflects on statistics, we usually can’t see ourselves be that cold. Words like hope come into play. Hope keeps us blind. Our strong desire, our desperate desire finds sense in gifting away those second chances. And we hope a little more that the outcome changes in at least one of them iteration.

Emotions are a tricky lot. Second chances do work. Second chances are the reason why humanity still continues. Then again, the effort to live up to expectations is as important , if not more important, than the kindness with which such a gift is awarded. And that, and only that determines the outcome. 

I started off on the concept as a story teller. Somewhere down the line, the magic to the moment of sacrifice and glory gave way to reality around the notion. If only life was a fairy tale. If only 🙂

The disillusionment left me longing for fiction. The beautiful land of thoughts and imagination where there is a rainbow each time I look upon the vast blue sky. 


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