Of Katz and dogs. 

The calm approached. One could say it was the calm before the storm. Of course, I saw it both before and post the storm. 

Monday was fun. A nice song by ARR and a pleasant windy rainy drive to the gym. Deserted gym is one of the most beautiful things that I got to behold that Monday morning. Left all by myself, I was free to do what I was free to do to begin with. The song taking me places, and sweat ensuring that I got there in style, I decided to let myself live through that moment. 

The biceps all curled, the body aching a bit, the rains packing speed, I made it back to my car under a thick blanket of rain. The soothing sound of heavy drops crashing on the car was blissful and mesmerizing indeed. I made it home before the fury unfurled. As the windows clattered, branches beat against the glass, as trees swayed their last swing rebelling against the force of nature, they refused to budge till they could stand no more. Locked within the safe comforts of my prisoned room, I slept oblivious to things unleashed around me. 

It was probably the evening when I decided to brush off the lazy inertia that I had gathered through the day. A quick scan of my vicinity, I knew the four wheels of creature comfort were useless to me. Uprooted trees rested scattered across my roads. Sentinels denying passage, is what I made of them. They refused to let things in, they refused to let me out. Or so I thought. 

The rebel in me did what he did best. Rebelled. Armed with a characteristic disregard for personal safety and blatant carelessness about the safety of the smart phone, I hit the city around me for a quick calming walk. 

It felt different. My neighbourhood felt different. One, It was the first time I realized that ours was a land of trees. and Two, I realized that ours WAS a land of trees. They weren’t there anymore. I saw curious folks venturing out. Some were interested in shooting photos and ‘Reporting’ things online. Some were in a state of shock and denial about what they were witnessing. Some were thoughtful about the animals whose lives were now disrupted. They carried bread and biscuits to feed the dogs. I can’t imagine the plight of the birds.

I walked amused looking at things around me. The roads were the same. The sights were different. My state of emotions and mind was altered too. I saw the ravaging destruction for what it was. The world around me , that day, shared the fate that my mind endures from time to time. It felt odd to visualize the destruction. Each step that I took, my thoughts took me deeper and deeper into my own self. 

Spatial awareness is a beautiful thing indeed. While my mind wandered, I couldn’t dismiss the feeling of being followed. My personal space felt invaded and instinctively I turned around to spot my stalker. There she was. Brown, clean, soaking wet and had hope and despair in her eyes. She looked at me and yelped a soft woof. She was a wanderer, caught off guard in a ravaged land, just like me. 

Fear gripped me and something else prevailed. Instead of shooing her away, I let her walk beside me. She obliged. I guess I obliged too. We walked a few yards together. Neither had anything to say. We walked in silence. She could have walked faster and left me behind. I could have taken a detour and eased a frightful fate that I imagined. We choose to walk in silence. 

We both navigated through uprooted trees, through slush and muddy goo. We walked in glee through puddles of slightly dirty water, we avoided the foliage of exiled branches. A walk down a straight road, a walk snaking through hurdles. We reached a small temple that still braved to remain open. I put my hand to my heart to offer a silent reflex prayer. 

The roof of the small temple housed a hawker selling tea. I asked him for biscuits and fortunately he had them browned butter ones. I picked a few and crushed them to bits. I found a dry patch of stairs and knew it would make a decent plate for my lady friend. 

‘We are going to be fine sweetheart’, I assured her. I was still a little scared to pat her back or tickle her neck. I guessed she knew that I didn’t have it in my heart to brave playing with her. She was okay with the distance. She was okay. 

The two of us separated ways from there on. I took a different route to scout if I could manage a drive. 

We are going to be fine sweetheart, I assured myself and lost myself to the rain clad city once again. 

funny thing. Last December, I was busy pretending to be a hero. This December, I was busy pretending to be human. Will be fun to see what I’ll pretend to be the next December 🙂



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