Armageddon and a rather Cold Heart

“I couldn’t help myself guys” , the message started to read. “It left me in tears” , Vibha concluded. 

So on a lazy Sunday afternoon our gang of distributed rug rats were catching up on how our lazy day was spent. Armageddon was a movie of choice and apparently, Michael Bay, (holly version of mr Desi dude K Johar) had managed to inspire a few tears in my didi’s eyes. 

Kyaaaaaaa re , you are probably the only bloke in the planet who would have cried over Michael bay blowing up well known landmarks across the world, I teased. 

A good laugh later, I did admit to being a teddy bear stuffed with hot choco lava myself. Movies reduce me to tears too. What can I say, I cant help myself. I lose myself into the fictional make believe world. Our junta settled down with a list of movies that are worth watching and that was that. 

I like movies. I used to be a movie buff at one point in my life. These days, I don’t mind watching a select few movies over and over again. I guess I am bracing myself for an early onset of old age!!!!!!!!!!! One such movie which never goes into the archive folder of by back up hard drives goes by the name Jigardanda.. As the movie’s protagonist explains, Jigar means heart and thanda as in cold. 

That movie is a lot of things. What stood out during my recent watch was something to subtle yet packed a devastating punch that reduced me to tears! 

The movie is about a hardened criminal who accidently finds himself in a spot where he gets to star in a movie that features his very own life’s story. His rise to criminal stardom serves the plot of the movie to be made. The movie is shot and there is a dramatic reveal and it is a wonderful twist. As the audience and the ‘Star’ of the movie, both discover that the movie shot was not which was intended but boiled out to be a spoof of sorts which now stood to be rib tickling comedy flick.

The bad man feels insulted and finds his trust violated. Pish posh, watch the movie. This aint a review blog!!!! 


A decade ago, there I was. ILP Trivandrum and I don’t remember who facilitated the session. There was but one message that was being nailed hard into our wood like minds. “If you feel like a cornered dog, the world would always seem hostile”. The context was around surviving the first year in the IT industry. The lesson conveyed, the lesson ignored, all of us set out to start working towards our dreams and we got busy trying to build our own careers in the way we thought fit. 

The movie had a wonderful moment captured very beautifully. The bad guy, the star, his villainy alienates him from his mother. He hates being laughed at and it was that sentiment which spiralled him into a life of brute violence. The mother talks to her boy once she sees him as a movie star. The villain has a moment of catharsis as he realizes the difference between instilling fear in people’s heart as opposed to earning respect from them .

He meets the director who had twisted the context and made a mockery of him. The moment of anger, he acts out by speaking gibberish. Of course, I killed the moment trying to explain it with lousy words. It’s a thing that has to get watched. The message to me was rather clear.

HAVE YOU EVER LAUGHED AT YOURSELF ? Have you ever joined the world when it laughed with you? Have you ever realized that the world was not laughing at you? 

A man who can laugh at himself, stands tall without a fear of devastating failure. 

I’ve watched the movie a lot of times, but that message had evaded me for the longest while. This time around when I watched it, the intensity of the moment, the realization of the villain that the world was not laughing at him, but was enjoying his new avatar, his acceptance of what he had become, his realization that there was no hostility to begin with but all of it was in his head, he finally would grow aware of what he had become and be at peace with it. 

The message hit me hard. I looked back the many years I’ve been here. The pointless fights, the pointless sense of feeling helpless or cornered. The senseless conspiracy theory that the world around wanted to see me fail, and my eventual realization that what works works and as long as we can deliver business and results, one needn’t indulge in insecurities, all of it made me see the amount of efforts that we invest into an ASSUMPTION that’s necessarily not real at all to being with.


You cried for that scene!!!! It’s a funny movie Katzy, the birthday girl teased me . World had come full circle. 


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