Am I there yet? 

NYE has always been an adventure of sorts. From wearing my friend’s fiancé’s shoes(yeah, she had black canvas shoes) to sneak into obnoxious clubs in Birmingham to freezing myself to a shiver gazing at the London eye. From screaming my lungs out with ‘Happy NU YEARRRRRRRRR’ by the Bessy beach to enjoying a calm peaceful walk in the city. NYE has always been an adventure of sorts. 

If I could chart out my evolution of sorts, I guess it would be along the lines of being self centred to being SELF CENTRED on the night of all nights of the year. You read it right. I wrote it that way. The evolution have been along the lines of being self centred.

The tale starts as early as the late 90’s. 1998 was probably the first time when I HIT the city at night to unleash a party monster. We were young and we were wild. We’d hit the street looking for the thrills of staying out late. NYE was one night when my folks didn’t mind me staying out late at nights as long as I made it back home by 11ish. Which also meant that I’d return home as early as 00:30. 

Having lived close to the beach all my life, finding a spot to scream had never been a worry. We always found ourselves amidst a crowd. Bikes parked carelessly blocking someone’s drive way, we’d walk to the beach. 

Once the earning started, I guess I chose to CLASS up! Free beaches were a thing of the past. Paid parties were the new cool. It was fun. Music was always good. Got to meet a lot of new faces. Socialize I did. I remember this one time when I had to hit office after the “Party” . Was fun indeed. I was more chillaxed than usual. 

Somewhere down the line, I moved away from being self centred and focused around being self centred for a better cause. I traded off hanging out with strangers to hanging out with friends. And from there, I moved from hanging out with friends to hanging out with extremely close set of friends, or just make it friend. My band-mate and I made it a ritual to catch up by the waves and reflect upon life each NYE. 

That ritual also came to a close after a few years. I traded off hanging out with him to staying back home and spending a little more time with my folks. It wasn’t as wild as my nights used to be. It felt a lot more satisfying though. My folks had a wonderful routine of waking up at 12, handing me a bar of chocolate and shaking my hands and wishing me a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead. 

I’d still catch up over dinner with a select few friends but would rush home for that bar of chocolate. That bar had always been the sweetest bar I’d ever eat during the year that followed. My dad’s never been a fan of fancy smancy chocolates. A simple 10 buck Diary Milk it has always been. I liked the bar plenty. 

This year, I pushed the boundaries of being self centred. I met my friends. Took the looooooooooooooongest ever way that one has ever taken to reach a hotel in city. Reached my destination a whopping 2 hours late. Settled down for a brownie and an Ice cream for dinner. I smiled proud and said, I’m closing the year and starting a new one on a sweet desserty note! 

I head home and slept through the ruckus that was around. My dad gently tapped me to wake up. I smiled and wished my folks a new year. Took my bar of chocolate and held on to it. I slept right through again. 

I hit the gym the next morn. Caught up with my friend and his family. Spent an hour giggling at how stupid we had been when we were growing up. His mom hugged me and said it was sweet of me to spend time with them. I made it back home and surprised my folks by announcing I had no other plans for the day. 

A day well spent by doing nothing at all. I was extremely self centred as this year started. I focused on my satisfaction. I focused on my peace and how I could share a smile with people who love me the most. My folks. And yeah, sneaked out for a movie at night and came home at 12 to kick start the Monday morning on a lazy note 🙂

It’s been a liberating start to defy the self imposed norms of what is fun and what’s not. I made the time to spend a little quality time with myself on the day that was MY special day. I guess that makes 2017 an interesting one. under 24 hours, I managed to break the stereotypes that have kept me a prisoner for years. I thought happiness and satisfaction was all about surrounding myself with folks and sharing smiles and enjoy picture perfect moments. Turns out, it’s a far simpler affair 😉



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