The magic 8 ball

Photo shot by my buddy : Bharrat

“Dude…., What happened?”. 

The phone buzzed and I yanked the smart menace from my pocket to give it a scan. I was waiting for a message alright but this time around, it came from the wrong sender. I wasn’t really waiting intently for Vicky to drop me a text.

“Bad mess man. Things got outta hand. I’m a little worried”, I replied.

The minute passed by without any other vibrating interruption. 

Restlessness had a way of finding my otherwise carefree life. Matters of the heart and restlessness were a couple meant to be, I reckoned. A simple conversation led to complicated discussions over pointless directions to life and presto, ugly fight. This time it felt different. This time, I felt an odd conviction in the spiteful heated exchange. We had managed to tear across the veils of niceness to reveal a dormant darkness that was now wide out in the open. The exchange made me wonder if everything that we had was based on a lie which was now crumbling to nothing under our feet. 

“Listen… try Magic 8 ball” , the phone buzzed to activity again.

“What??? What’s that?” I enquired. 

A long wait later, the explanation came in the form of a stupid wiki page. I skimmed through the verbose in a hurry and understood the crux of it. One had to ask a question and the magic 8 ball would offer a simple counselling with “Yes”, “No”, or a “maybe”. Digital 8 balls would offer phrases which would hint towards that yes , no or a maybe. 

“Let me give it a shot”, I confirmed. 

The skeptical cynic that I was, I decided to vet it before I popped the questions that meant a lot to me. 

“Am I a rock n roll fan? ” , I quizzed the ball .

Connecting to the oracle for an answer….. , a message was displayed while the 8 ball was trying to determine the secrets of being me. 
“Definitely YES”, it replied after a momentary pause. 

I smiled. I was satisfied with the answer. Cool, I thought to myself. I put the ball to a few more questions. I wanted to test the bias of the 8 ball. It answered a few of my questions. Some were yeses, some were no. Convinced that this 8 ball was accurately predicting my fate, I decided to pop the question.

“What’s it saying” Vicky buzzed. I guess he was as impatient as I was. Friend indeed kinda moment it was. 

“5 mins.. wait” , I replied in a hurry.

It was unsettling. The question was clear as clear can be in my head. I didn’t have to think hard to articulate it. The hesitation hinged on the fact that I wasn’t ready to accept the answer which I was terrified of. I wasn’t prepared to hear the inevitable being conveyed. The magic 8 ball had got all my questions answered right. To my mind, it was spot on with it’s answers. I was convinced that this 8 ball was the door to predicting my future. I had access to the secrets that fate had in store for me. It was unsettling.

I mustered the courage to type in the question. My mind, body , soul and everything that was connected to me were intently focused on what the 8 ball had to say.


It was a moment’s notice. The moment had overwhelmed me and I couldn’t help but steer my attention away from the road. Thank god I wasn’t driving fast. In my moment of utmost attention to the magic ball, I had not realized that I had jumped a signal. My bike banged a car head on. The impact had flung me away from the two wheeler. The driver of the car got down. 

He wasn’t angry and he wasn’t screaming at me. That was a whole different new!!!! I half expected to get punched by him!

“Are you ok kid? ” , he asked with a certain concern.

“I….I’m ok sir”, I replied brushing off the road rash I had managed to acquire. 

“Eyes on the road , young man”, He said. “Whatever conversation that you are having, what ever it is that you were busy doing, Kinda would have amounted to nothing had you died this very instant“. “Take care, man”, he said as he walked back to his car and drove off. 

It was a close call. The shock of the accident had yanked me away from the digital reality that I was lost into. I’d rather meet her and talk to her instead of waiting for some application to tell me my fate!!!! I had tempted my fate today. 

I picked up my bike, and before I revved it up, I did the smart thing of putting my phone on silent. 

I guess the magic 8 ball did predict my future. It reminded me to stay alive to have a future 🙂



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