Ain’t no Swansong 

“And there you go. You just made a brand new friend. I’m Sandy” .

The more things change, the more they start to resemble the place where we started. There would be subtle differences to the moment. It’s the subtle difference that stands the define the whole change, the journey towards that change.

I found myself along that road. 

As I walked the roads of a new city with doubts and an unsettling heaviness in my heart, I managed to sneak past a day without indulging in thoughts. I was a man with a plan. There were chores to be accomplished before I could let my thoughts run wild. I tried hard to pretend to be a grown up and thought long about the necessities to keep the house machinery running. I guess it’s safe enough to say that I sacrificed a Saturday in pursuit of pretending to be an adult. Alternately, I could say that I spent the Saturday trying not to pretend that I was a goofy kid. Either way we played them sentences, the obviousness was blatant. 

The Sunday was a different deal. With chores behind me, fewer things to pick up, I was finally free to do what I love doing the most. Think!!!! 

I decided to hit the other part of the town that I had not ventured the previous day. The roads were starting to look familiar. A city hall, a high street, the same set of branded shops littered the city. I finally found a comfort zone in the form of a White chocolate Mocha at star bucks. Once again, I caught the barista gobsmacked with a name that was hard to spell and write to a new bloke. 

Armed with a coffee in hand, each step I took uphill, I couldn’t help but wonder. The roads felt the same. The coffee tasted similar and familiar. The new faces around me were still new. Each face probably had a thought running amok. I saw a few street musicians. An old bloke playing popular pieces on his banjo. I saw two university kids jamming on a the guitar and beat box voiced by another. I saw their moment of aspiration in their brave effort. They were there to do something. They were giving their dreams a voice and an outlet. They braved the mild showers of the city.

As I stood admiring the music, a howl distracted me. University kids I tell you!!! And just like that I felt caught between a youthful energetic town of university kids and blokes who had their hands full with a life of their making. The roads indeed were different. Different from the hustle and bustle of London, different from the chaos that I call Chennai. So many differences and yet something so small and peaceful connected them. My mind was lost in this city as it has managed to wander in cities before.

Deep down I choose to accept the moment and embrace it. There were roads unwinding in directions around me. My shoes were begging for me to walk them around and soak in the people and the place. I guess the subtle change was a distinct lack of anxiety over where I was or What was to come next. 

The maverick that I had feared for so long, today was flying free in a strange land. 

The last 48 hours, I’ve braved a few smiles and dismissed my fears that have plagued my mind for a while. I met new folks, enjoyed a few laughs and curious questions over where I came from. I’ve had a few adventures too in that short burst of time. From BATMAN coming to my rescue, yes, your heard me right. BATMAN did save the day, to the power of tamarind to power technology. From misguided shopping done under the cloak of ignorance to the satisfaction of brewing up my own cup o coffee, It’s been a fun 48 hours.

As i start this Monday on an optimistic note, I can’t help but feel grateful. A moment of pause to see all the dots plotted. In a blurry haze, the dots are taking shape. The picture is taking form. Exciting times indeed. A brave new world, of sorts 🙂

Sandy saw the pile of things shopped in my cart and asked if I had moved new to town. We got into a conversation about how different Sheffied was from London or Chennai for that matter. 

“This is a wonderful town. Friendly and quieter and slower than London. You will like it here. The way we’ve been carrying a conversation, I really don’t think you have anything to worry about. You are going to be just fine. “

We both smiled. “And You’ve just made a brand new friend”, he said. 

Inclusion at many levels. It’s good to be a wanderer. Roads more wandered, woods more lost in, finally lead to the road where one gets to discover oneself. Yeah, Looking forward to it.


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