One true love. 

Been a while since I wrote anything. I decided to break that dry spell on the celebrated day of love! 

Ah tricky stuff that love is. The eternal conflict between Yes or a no is a classic tale of gaps in communication that drove Devdas to hooch and a million other young romeos living with a heart bleeding red. None of that for the day today though. 

Through words and music, I’ve come to understand the kind of a lover that I am and the nature of the lover that I’m usually in search for. The balance hinges on the word , DRAMA.

There you go. I’ve said it loud and clear. As a musician, or a budding Hans Zimmer wannabe, I long for dramatic themes in music. I do get bored of the normal happy ones. The ting-a-ling a lings of popular Punjabi/Hindi numbers to the countless YOs shoved down our throats in the form of rhythmic rap, I’ve always found myself extremely judgemental of them genres. The popular ears of the world , I couldn’t help but smile at their appetite for something fast,cheesy and junk that lacks soulful nutrition.

A classic retro rocker at heart, two years ago I branched out to western classic. Carnatic was soon added to the bandwagon of what would get stamped by my high levels of condescending approval. The thematic drama the sounds produced, yeah , they kept me wanting for more. A thirst that I couldn’t quench. And that goes on to describe the madness that I want out of love. 

While music takes up a significant chunk of the proverbial heart, words take up the next big slot. The obsession that is seen in my characters, the convoluted plots, the dilemma, the pains and joys of hopes crushing and moments cherished, they are all a part of me. I’ve lived through most of my plots. I breathe life into characters and blend fiction to help me narrate a tale that is both me and not necessarily all of me. The excessive rifts in boundaries is a reflection of the intensity of the obsession that consumes the heart. Music and words, a pair made in heaven indeed. 

With each sentence that I write about love, couple of things are popping out time and again. Words like , Obsession, Intense, Madness, Consume. To me, if a certain relationship of love robs us of these emotions and sentimental states of the mind, my book says that there is something amiss. So this valentines day, I took another step towards that blind faith in all things ever consuming obsession. I found a gym, worked out the plans, and all set to kick start another routine of weights, sweat and broken bones and torn muscles.

What is love if it doesn’t consume you? What’s the point if that madness does not hold you a volunteering captive to be torn within by a conflict of one versus the world. What is love if it doesn’t reduce your wits to match that to a fool in blissful oblivion. I’m a purist when it comes to love alright. Exceptionally in love with myself 🙂

When you love yourself unconditionally, you also give the world around you a reason to fall head over heels over you. There is a difference between accepting oneself and running blind in arrogant vanity. The nature of that love goes on to define what is what. Enjoy the madness. Live through it. Endure, suffer, or don’t. You go on to define the terms and conditions of the single most important relationship that you’d ever be in. The one that you have with yourself. 


Oh, almost done.  A quick word from the festival Lil group that I’m a part of.  Chennai bloggers. 

This post is written for the ‘love theme’ contest by The chennai bloggers club

in association with woodooz


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