Into the light



Tamaso ma Jyothir gamaya


I’ve been wondering about the blissful state of sat chit anand. Sat, refers to eternity. Chit talks about the state of staying conscious. It’s probably along the lines of a state of awakened awareness. Anand is bliss. Sat chit Anand , literally translates to a state of perpetual consciousness and bliss. Who wouldn’t want that right ?



Or so I thought.


In order to comprehend the magnitude of the simplicity of that sentence, I set my thoughts to run wild. Every chain of thoughts that I could muster, I found them limited and confined by the simplest bias that there ever has been. The few conversations that I’ve had with a few nice folks, I saw the obviousness to my thoughts.


Happiness vs Sadness : The boundaries that shouldn’t be.


Spirituality is beyond happiness and sadness. To a certain degree, and I exercise modesty and humility here because I don’t really know. I think a soul itself is beyond the confines of happiness and sadness. From the moment we are born, we also share the plane with terms like happiness and sadness. All things that favor us, that pleases us, we tend to categorize them into happiness. All things that brings us pain and misery, we tend to tag them under sadness.


I’m starting to realize that the happy/sad filter is a result of a lifetime, life times worth of bias. Our time indulging the mind and body steers us towards these filters. All our actions and its consequences contribute towards either of the filter. What struck me odd was the fact  that neither happiness nor sadness is absolute. They vary from person to person. They vary in magnitude based on the maturity of the person. Same contributing factors of either happiness or sadness are perceived and experienced differently by different people. There is a floating baseline at play  here.


That established, it is this variance in what is happy and sad made me loiter my thoughts towards rejecting the concept. If my mind and my experience in this life determines what is happy and what is not, the whole notion of happy and false is probably a necessary illusion.


The happy paradox :


In order to stay happy, I must reject things that are either happy or sad. I must rise above the illusion of what makes me happy and sad. There is a significant possibility that these are just the state of my mind and either state that I embrace, only serves to satisfy my acquired intellect. My soul remains inert to this processing. Hence, there is a state of happiness beyond the rejection of things that we see as either happy or sad.


Hence the happy paradox. Happiness is beyond the realm  of our line of sight of what brings us happiness and sadness. Peace seemed to be a better alternative milestone.


The entrapment :


With renewed assumption, when I began my thoughts keeping peace at the center, a lot of things got resolved quick. I was able to see through the illusion. I choose my words carefully here. While I feel lucky enough to see through the illusion, I’ve still made my choice to stay illusioned at this point in time. I’m not beyond the clutches of the smoke screen.


So theoretically, peace seems to be the way. I think peace is a spring board of a transient state. With the flutter under control, a certain stillness experienced in the heart (Not the filmy heart , not the medical beating ticker. The heart chakra and the bonds that we make) , peace is attainable. In pursuit of this peace, I were to abstain from anubhava, I think I’d have failed.


Anubhava is the ability to experience. I guess Lahari Mahasaya says one must experience god and the universe. If god and universe and rest of everything that spills under the umbrella of god or universe, our abstinence from experience just feels wrong to me. I believe in saturation. Experience things ample so that they no longer mean anything. That’s my thought.


Similarly, Peace, while is a healthy start, finding peace has never been the final destination. Peace is a at best a transient state that facilitates our soul’s progress. We are seduced by the comfort that it provides. We long for that state of numbness.


SatchitAnand :


To me, to this mind that knows no formal education, my outsider guess is that the state of sat chit anand is beyond happiness, sadness and peace. It does not last an eternity at all. In fact it is experienced for an eternity 🙂


sounds dumb right … but see it this way. Instead of considering a span of a month, what if we could experience the state of sat chit anand at a granular level of One day. To me, sat chit anand is a state of sublime MOMENTARY balance. We are aware and conscious. We are at peace. We find bliss. Then comes the next moment, with it comes the next moment’s choice to stay sat chit anand.


With this balance, one can stay sat chit anand for as long as it takes.


The balance of the mind , body and soul hinges on a moment rather than lives and life times around.  With each moment, if we could see it for that it is,


  1. Whatever is happening, it’s there to facilitate the healing of the soul
  2. Not every moment has to mean something. Not everything must carry a meaning.
  3. Happiness or sadness, our choice to deal with it, either heals or fractures the soul
  4. The realization that nothing we do , changes the choices around us. We are the master of our own choices and hence CHIT
  5. With that thought, happiness and sadness that is beyond us is really beyond us. We are free to stay numb to it. Hence probably Anand

The words are littered with I. It’s not because I feel arrogantly confident. It’s because I’m reinventing the wheel without a master. Guided by thoughts, I deem myself unworthy to generalize my anubhava and dictate this as a means that satisfies us all.


In a strange kind of way, things are starting to make sense to me. I hope I’m on the right road. Then again, as long as I’m a traveler, right or wrong doesn’t matter anymore.

Sarvam Krishnarpanam karishye kinda deal 🙂




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