Emperor’s new boots 

The age old tale of vanity which finally leads to a public humiliation of sorts. While the story ends there, the consequences might have been drastically different and beyond the realms of what Disney would want to put on display. A realistic possibility like ‘Off with the boy’s head’. One simply does not mock a king and get away with it. 

The show of power, the might that power provides, they do make a nice blog but I am not in the mood for something that grim especially on a Monday morning. 

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the emperor’s new boots! Not his clothes, not his Gucci (Gucky, as Rachel says it sweet), not his Versace. And the realization dawn upon me that Italian brands are a challenge to pronounce right! It takes me back to a time when I thought BVLGARI was pronounced BA-VULGAR- EEEEE. I did manage to brave that call upon unsuspecting nice blokes in the perfume shop. I learnt my lesson that day. The good blokes at the perfume shop did learn a lesson too!!!!! They were underpaid and under prepared to take on challenges of this magnitude.

The emperor’s new boots. And so the bloke got himself a new pair of shoes. It wasn’t his usual ones. It sure wasn’t his favourite ones either. He wanted to try something new and he did end up tying up the laces of his new pair. The shoes were not the average ones. They were magical shoes. Blessed by the land of magic, the shoes had the power in them to transform the wearer to lands of lush and magic. 

The shoes took the emperor to a market place first. Far away from the oblivious comforts of his palace , the emperor finally had his moment of tryst with the common folks. He saw their usual days. The hard work, the toil under the sun. In their dedicated machine like compliance to a routine of life, the emperor saw something that he had never seen before. He saw his people’s dreams in their eyes. Each of them were struggling and enduring the day in order to build a future of comfort. Their hard work paved the way for a sense of security for the rainy days ahead. 

The emperor had never witnessed that side of life ever before. How could he? He wondered. He was used to the comforts of the palace. Everything that he ever wanted was either annexed or provided. He was still a stranger to a life being denied of needs and wants of things both petty and significant. 

The shoes were working their magic on the novice king. They teleported him to a playground next. A park of green grass and children merrily jumping and playing adorned the place. This was the ground where castles of dreams were being erected every moment. Kids, they were the purest and the bravest form of the spirit of man, the king pondered. The magnificent dreams conjured by simple minds was a sight to behold. Theirs was a dream without fears and had no sense of the coldness that realities usher later in life. 

The king realized the nature of the world that moment. He stood perplexed at how time could force folks to abandon their hopes and dreams and embrace despair. He wondered about the nature of the human spirit. It takes a wild imaginative flight during the formative years. They gradually mellow down and stabilize through early adulthood. By the time we become the men and women of this world, we are but left with traces and shadows of the brilliance these hopes and dreams once were. 

The king felt bad that all his powers, all his magnanimity, all his pride put together couldn’t assure that his people would never go robbed of their dreams ever again. He felt the pain of the world that rested outside the walls of his perfect palace. He realized that his palace was a prison of deception that kept him chained away from the simple pleasures of victory and defeat of struggles waged each day. His people were far richer than him , when it came to life. While they experienced life for what it was, being a king, he had managed to alienate himself from such a simple life. 

The shoes transported him back to the palace. The king stood staring at his reflection in the mirror. 

A smile nurtured in his face. The sun was back in the kingdom once again. He went on to spend the rest of his life in pursuit of making dreams come true for everyone in his kingdom. 

Yeah, emperor’s new boots indeed.

While the tale is one that of fantasy, it has its roots grounded in reality of the world that we inherit. I wore a new hat. A hat of a photographer. My shoes took me to roads that i saw new. I couldn’t help but stay amused at our reluctance to see the world through a different pair of eyes. What do we need to acquire that sight? What does it take to shake that inertia off our eyes? Why do we strain ourselves when we make peace with viewing the world around through blurred eyes? All it takes is a gentle wash to see a brand new world around us.

Yeah, emperor’s new boots indeed. 



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