Home. Sweet home. 

“Happy birthday princess”…..

What a day it was! The house decorated in festoons and colours. Strips of purple and white looms covered every inch of the vast dining hall. Serial LED lights adorned the house and it was a glittering spectacle to watch. The colours formed mesmerising patterns at regular intervals of time. Fat swollen balloons of white and red stayed pasted all over the house. What a day it was indeed! 

The evening brought the animated house to life. Guests poured in hordes. Little girls were all dressed as Disney princesses. Their long gowns of satin blue , pink, and yellow swept the carpeted floor. The boys came in dressed as pirates and super heroes. All of their little faces remained painted in vivid colours. A superman there had his moments of petty fights with a spiderman there. Little boy Batman was a ladies man for his age. He spent his evening crashing into the tea parties that the princesses hosted. Merry was the atmosphere. Merry it stood to be.

The delight of the evening, the lady of the hour, the little girl whose day was as special as it would ever get, was stunningly beautiful. Her innocence adorned her purple princess dress. Purple was after all her most favourite colour. The purple theme was to appease her insatiable love for that shade. The early hours of the evening, the little one greeted all the faces familiar as they wished her a wonderful day and handed her wrapped gifts. 


Her mind reached out to her house of colours. There is no place like home, she voiced in her mind. It gave her a sense of comfort and it was her place of peace of sorts. There is no place like home, she muttered. 

The still calmness in her face represented the detached calmness in her mind. 


The evening was a smashing hit. The kids had played their silly games. Sugar was served and it was served in vulgar amounts. Kids on a sugar high kept running frantically. The parents had a tough time keeping the house in order. The fights became frequent, wails of tears kept popping now and then. The parents were equipped to handle the situation. Birthday parties did have that effect on them kids and parents had grown wiser too. 

The distracted evening also saw the rise of a sinister plan that loomed around the horizon. As the dusk cleared, it ushered a night of cold winds that viciously howled. 

“Look at the moon. It’s beautiful” the faux selenophile lied. The age of innocence , the age of curiosity , the starless night and the omniscient dark set the stage. The creatures of the night were out to prey. All the creatures of the night were out to prey.

The image of the vividly vibrant decorated house occupied the little mind. Nothing made sense and her mind whisked her away to her happy place, which would now forever be her very own personal dungeon. Her mind kept her protected there. There is no place like home, she secretly muttered.

The wolves had howled. The young mind tunnelled back to the sky of night and moon and it’s entourage of stars. There would be other times when her mind would whisk her away to that point in time, to that decorated home, to that wonderful moment of all things purple and festive.


“It took me decades”, she confessed to a room of young girls.She was no longer a little princess. 45 , with a soul as young as young could be, everything about her screamed of life of zeal. “There is no place like home, the fairy tales go. I was the princess of my kingdom. A kingdom that saw the monsters before it saw it’s finest prince charming. It has taken me decades to accept that birthday of mine. Everything had changed ever since. Nothing remained as innocent as I once thought they would forever be.

I felt drowned in fears first. Guilt came in next. I felt ashamed of myself. I felt dirty for the longest time. A kind of stained patch over my soul that refused to vanish no matter how many times I tried to clean it up.

It took me a while to accept the monsters of my world and accept the monstrosity that I was a part of. But that was that. I learnt to live beyond it. I found the courage to exact justice more than vengeance. My numbed patience and years of helplessness helped me build my case in determined secrecy. I finally put the beast in the cage. His days are over. I still visit him in his prison from time to time. I do like to remind him that we are not weak, we are not afraid and yes, we refuse to stay a victim forever.

Take your safety seriously. Reach out, call out. Your safety is just as precious as the air that you breathe. It does not take courage to stay a mute victim. It takes helplessness to stay that way. You girls have the courage in you, just like i did too. It’s a beautiful world out here. A world of princes, princesses and vile creatures. Spot em early on and you’d be fine .”

The class sat in silence. A few of them blushing , a few caught off guard and clueless over the brazen reality that was spoken off. A fire raged inside the beating ticker of a silent girl. Her moment of courage had finally arrived. She raised her hand to pop a question.

A dark tale indeed. Inspired by the movie Split. Dont really know why I wrote this. Felt like words worth sharing. 


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