Ridiculously Relevant 

‘But that’s not what the plan says!!! You can’t do this man’ , a bloke in my team protested. 

I woke up relaxed this morning. Warm cup of coffee in hand, I did feel a lot playful. 

‘Aren’t we all puppets in the Master’s hands. Our plans amount to nothing in front of his plans!’ 

Not that I believe that we are puppets and that all plans are predestined, but it did serve a very wonderful purpose of annoying the bloke. Given the situation, passing on a pointless gyan is as fruitful as a fish wanting to be a trucker. 

The plot got me thinking. What if I could do the same to many scenarios of daily business life? 

‘Setting expectations is very vital to business Karthik. We should aim to meet expectations at all times’ , the corporate order would flow. 

‘All expectations are but illusions designed to keep us distracted from the truth’ and I would reply in a zen-like peaceful state. 

‘Katz, could you step into this call. There seems to be an escalation that’s raking up a storm’ 

‘Go with the flow. What is intended will be inevitable. What is inevitable , no amount of intent could have deterred it from happening’ ., I’d say like the peaceful hippy that I’d pretend to be. 


Oh but all of it feels so inviting. i’d probably give them a shot just for kicks. Imagine the plight of the tormented souls who’d have to put up with the faux peaceful, faux enlightened words of face book forwards. 

There are times when we take things way too literally. I remember having long conversations about the subtle difference between reading lines and experiencing lines that we’d come across. Takes a pair of eyes, ability to read a language to read mere lines. There are days when we apply all the gyan that we come across and apply them to our daily lives. 

A direct lift and implement does have it’s benefits. It eases us from making decisions. We follow things and volunteer to place the blame on the instructions/commandments when things go wrong. We are free from accountability by following rote. Ask fewer questions, know fewer things and deniability is a byproduct. 

On the flip side, not understanding the context behind the asks, having a limited comprehension of the whys of the things stated, does definitely limit our ability in experiencing the potential behind such gyan. As with how KT in our industry works, a strong understanding of the fundamentals does really set us free in terms of options one could explore, approaches that one might take , the ability to stay informed and cut corners to save time and effort and in short, I could tag all of them as Working Smart. 

Interestingly, a quick parallel to real life reveals that we have far too many motivational messages, pep memes, inspirational blurbs flooding us 24/7. And yet we battle depression. That rests the case of the subtle difference between reading mere lines and knowing experiencing what they mean. 

I guess in the grand scheme of all things to come, ‘yechacha yecha cha.. gachacha gacha cha’ 🙂



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