And words transpire 

And you are one big “Frau” , a smirk rebuttal suddenly left me lost. The word I had intended to use was fraud. It’s a word that is as common as far as words go. A moment later, the lightness in mood, the spirited Friday in the mind, the rhythmic flow of thoughts , they all were instantly disrupted. 
Words do have that effect on us sometimes. Importantly, it’s the people’s usage that leaves behind a lasting impression. The very thought, or almost at the end of the very thought of the word was sufficient enough to surge through memories, scan through the moments, sort through the million faces and voices that I’ve heard so far, and yet the result that the mind is capable of returning is both a miracle at work and a curse in hiding. 

The past versus present, the what ifs versus the what’s real and the big real versus delusions in the mind, while they all make a wonderful argument to dissect, explore and lose ourselves into, pragmatically, there is no one blanket cover to the battle that we get to wage over conflicts of this ideology. The underlying truth is that information, education and all avenues of knowledge can help us pretend faster than the time we’d have to spend in order to internalise the learning we acquire. 
Having paused myself from completing the word, I did manage a silly grin. I reckon I did like the word, I enjoyed the context it was used. In a twisted sense of things, I think anybody who indulges in a little creative expression can be tagged as a fraudster to a certain degree. Expression of art, expression by itself is a representation of how one perceives the world around. It’s a glimpse through the viewer’s eyes. One gets to see the world through bias and filters and yet it’s a view that captures our imagination and that attraction gravitates the onlookers towards the work of art. 
Art in itself is a retelling of what one feels is real. So from words to art, how did we branch out so far? The connection rests with the word Fraud. The trip to Scotland and spending long hours with a photographer friend of mine, our discussion soon branched out towards how I decided to process my images. I brought out a vibrant and yet surreal world through my frames. It was how I wanted to express my thoughts. All photos, screaming of colors and yet void of humans and their emotions. A world so beautiful and yet so barren. 
My friend took the opposite direction. He decided to show the frame as how it was. He preferred his frames to look as close to the real thing. It was his way of saying ‘Yeah, I was there. I remember the moment’ . We were both deceiving the world in our own way. The entire exercise of playing photographer made me realize the role of an illusionist that we all get to play. We lead a plot and everybody connected to us plays along in that scripted play. 
Back to fraud. With the word now repeated quite a few times, the thought now diluted with more thoughts and tangents beyond the memories that were made, aren’t we all living under the spell of words that transpire? 
Some words inspire, some insult us. Some bring out the best in us and some words push us to the brink of evil where we stay stoic and cold. An innocent inconspicuous word and yet packed to the rafters with thoughts and after thoughts. Yeah , even that word is a fraudster of sorts. How could it not be 🙂 



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