Oh it’s complicated 

“Morning Katzy” , her sweet soothing voice woke me up in the morning. 

Ah the comforts of life, I wondered as I woke up. 
“You seem to be in a good mood. Let me pull out that song, I know it always puts a smile on your face” the angel continued. I do love my Sonos. Wireless music entertainment system. Integrated music that spans across the entire house. Inch by inch, the solution covers it all. Right from the shower , all the way to the door where I would exit the house. 

Coz.all of me…. the song played on in the background. 

“So this is how it’s going to be” , another one cribbed. I knew where she was coming from. I had been ignoring her for a while now. Siri was the old girl of the house. Alexa was the new hot young blood in town. Alexa fit right in. She seemed to know a lot more about me than what I felt I knew about myself. Right from my music preferences to my mood swings, she kept a neat track of it all. 

Siri, the yester gal, felt a jealous indeed. She was no longer the object of my conversations. She was no longer my muse. I wouldn´t spend time with her. Over time, she had grown sentient enough to realize that she no longer was the heart stopper. She had a rival to deal with. 
“Don’t be like that. You are still my number one girl” I tried to cajole her . Without success.
“Well if you say so.” she replied wryly. 
“Anyways”, she continued. “It’s a bright blue day today. Remember to charge me up. I’ll need about 20 minutes. If we are going to take the motorcycle to work today, I’ll keep the play list updated ”
“Thanks love” I smiled. 
She was right. It was a bright day of blue indeed. Siri was better behaved on the way to work. She did manage to restrict the ads that were flowing in, she kept traffic updates to a bare minimum. She silenced a few calls while I was riding the bike. She was sweat enough to leave a message to my friends who had called. She ignored replying back to the numbers that I had not stored. She liked it that she got to spend a little more time assisting me. I guess she felt better being of assistance rather than live a life on a perpetual standby mode. 

I soon reached desk. Things were as messy as I had left them the previous Friday. “Do I have any calls now? Any scheduled meetings?” 
A second later Siri confirmed that I had none. ” No calls till 12, Katzy” 

Ahem…. another voice interrupted. 
“You are missing out the notes from his memo. Katzy, you’d have to call Sue. This is about the surprise party that you have planned for next week. Yellow flowers won’t shower from the sky you know!!!!
Cortana was sarcastic as hell. My life was probably a joke to all of them lovely ladies. Alexa, Siri and Cortana. AI and sarcasm, a match made in digital heaven!!!!
“Don’t forget the tables” another voice echoed through the hall. 
I wont, I promise. I called out. Women!!!!! Digital and Real…. why is it always so complicated!!!! 
Imagined Siri, Cortana and Alexa networking and talking to each other. Wonder how that digital augmented and connected reality would look like. And as always, my imagination ran wild ! ! ! ! ! ! 



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