Book review : Only time will tell. Jeffery Archer

And so Archer's words once again remind me that he's the best there is. It's all for a good reason. He brings his words to life effortlessly.

Cover Page of Only time will tell by Jeffery Archer

Oh I wish I had written the lines down when I had read them. I felt pumped with emotions, the restlessness of my body felt shredded and I wanted to get up , go out and accomplish something. I continued reading.

"There will come a day when you'd be dead and folks around would gather and speak of the one act of bravery that you once did. Or, you can do something with your life and don't let the laurels of the past dictate that eulogy in the making" – Sadly, these are not the words by the author. These are the words etched in my mind now. The actual ones would leave you with Goosebumps.

Only time will tell , by Jeffery Archer is a tale that chronicles the life of one Mr Harry Clifton. The life of the lad, as seen through many eyes around him. Right from the depths of careless innocence to the moment of heart breaking courage, the story offers an alternate perspective to the phrase "When you want something with all your heart, the universe conspires". Of course, Harry is spared from the narrowed view of wants, the world around him rises to the occasion and delivers something so beautiful that you'd be left wondering about the many miracles that still remain hidden in plain sight around you.

The story includes one of the best repertoire of characters. Harry, his mum Maisie, his friends Giles and Deakins, the teachers around him and one character that stands out and pulls the weight of the entire saga, Mr Old Jack Tar. I loved him. I enjoyed his presence in the story. One man, trapped in his own misery, rises above it and enjoys a certain burdensome relationship with an ideology of what's right, what's the truth and what's moral. I was inspired by him, his arduous journey of staying true to himself. He is a breath of fresh air and the way he's written, reminds us why Archer is the best there is.

There is a secret that Harry is out to uncover. All his life, he was told that his dad had died in the war. The one war to end all wars. Harry knows otherwise. There are only three people who know the truth. What is that secret? Is it the kind of secret that can destroy lives? Does it eventually consume the world that is Harry's?

The book is set in a time just before the WW2 starts. I enjoyed watching the UK that was well before my time. The simpler times, the already metropolitan London, the way of lives and the quintessential English way of things. The story brings colours right in front of our eyes. War is on the horizon and it's coming alright. The book takes us the minds of the people as they brace, yet again, for a war to end all wars!

If you like Mr Archer's previous works, there is no reason why you might want to skip this. If you are new to the world of words of Archer, this is a good place to start.

I felt betrayed by the fact that this book is one of Seven more to come in the Clifton saga! It ends in a cliffhanger and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm not sure if I'd invest that much time into a series. Then again, I never know. I still would love to know how the story eventually ends.

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