Beyond the yellow brick road 

And so what an adventure it had been. Who ever thought that such an adventure would be had? A house to end the tyranny of a witch. A pail of water to melt away the evil that walked! Through the forest, battling flying monkeys, a palace made of emerald, now that the heroes looked back, all of it seemed nothing short of a magical fantasy. 

The time had come for them to part their separate ways. The scarecrow was made the king of the land of mighty knights. The great wizard felt that the land of action could use a little man of thoughts. What better way there was to promote the scarecrow as a thinker in the land where swords screamed mightier than the pen. The scarecrow made it towards the south to embrace his calling. He could finally stay assured of the brain that he now had. He would take pride in his million thoughts that would inspire actions. He felt happy nonetheless. His heart’s desire had finally come true. 

The tin man set towards the North, to the land of illiterate porcelain kind. Only he could read poetry which stood to melt the listener’s hearts to clay. He longed for a heart and his quest had been for a heart. The wise wizard reminded him that it took a heart to melt a hundred more hearts. The sound logic appealed to the tin knight. He packed his bags with words of love. He would no longer find an use for his axe. He’d take to arms the books he carried. His was going to be the heart that inspired the porcelain kind. The thought brought glee to the tin man. He was finally a man of heart. He felt the excitement grip his heart once more. He felt the beating ticker at last.

The lion head west. West was the land of the thinkers. Lost in thoughts they’d often be. Purists, wondered the wizard. Lion would be the bloke brave enough to act and not waste a moment over thoughts. The lion, he felt, was the bravest of them all in the land of thoughts. He’d act and show the courage to act without worries of thoughts and repercussions. The lion walked towards his destiny with hopes in his heart and smiles on his face. He would no longer go judged to be a coward. The land would talk about his valiant gallantry in time. He was the perfect pick for the land of thinkers. 

And Dorothy head east. She tapped her ruby red shoes thrice and was transported back to Kansas. She was finally in the land that saw her as a petulant child with vivid wild imagination that ran free in her spirit. Her aunt and uncle patiently listened to her adventures and silently scoffed her wondrous tale of scarecrows and timid lions. They were happy that she was back. They didn’t think that she’d wander off this far. They were glad that she had managed back home safe and sound. A tired and exhausted Dorothy slept that night, thinking about the home that she had left behind. Home was where the heart was after all.

And so the wizard sat back and wondered the nature of life. Each one was in pursuit of a desire. In pursuit of something that they always did have. Each plagued by doubt so much that they sought out a validity in the eyes of the world. The wizard smiled a callous smile. His work was done. He decided to wonder a little later about how long this stint of happiness would last. What that goes unseen to our own eyes, he thought, would seldom last forever in other’s eyes! 



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